3 Top Tips for Writing Blog Post Headlines that Get the Click!

3 tips for writing blog post headlines that get the clickAre Your Blog Post Headlines Magnetic?

Blogging is an art and when it comes right down to it, your headline is part and parcel of the thin line that separates a successful campaign and utter failure – it simply must sell.

Things change rapidly online and now more than ever it’s essential for the income blogger to think up ways to stay fresh and relevant.  We want to consistently fine-tune our skills, the value we provide, and the content we create and share.

One skill we must develop is crafting persuasive headlines.  After all, the right headline will draw in massive traffic and that’s half the battle!  Deliver on these hypnotic headlines and you’ll create a loyal audience that keeps coming back.

Here are 3 tips for creating headlines for your blog posts and pages that readers will love.

Mention how your reader benefits.

Your reader is always asking – even if they don’t realize it – “What’s in it for me?”  So tell them right away.  Are they going to save time, save money, make money, gain health?  What are they feeling and how can you tap into that to establish a connection?

Hint at solving a problem.

I don’t know about you, but a headline like, “Use this one technique to grow your subscriber list overnight (no opt-in required!)” would draw me in like a bee to honey.  First, you’re promising (see tip #1) to grow my list, then you’ve got me curious – what is this one technique?  And this hits on another pain point: having to give up my email to gain.  I don’t always want to do that and the promise that I don’t have to would immediately put me at ease, getting my click.

Convey a sense of urgency or an element of it that your customers have to act now or as soon as possible.

Make it clear that your reader is missing out on something unless they act now.  Here are a few phrases that create a sense of urgency:

  • Limited offer
  • Only available today
  • _______ hours left

The bottom line is that it takes a skillful use of persuasive language, careful choice of words, and thoughtfulness to create a converting headlines. But, unfortunately, you don’t automatically know what headlines will get the click, resulting in more traffic and income.

That’s ok, though!  Practice makes perfect.

When you’re online and a headline catches your attention, ask yourself what was so attention-grabbing?  When you’re checking out magazines, pay attention to the headlines they have on the cover and in the table-of-contents.  See if you can create similar headlines for your blog posts and pay attention to how they work for you.

It’s all about trial and error.  Find out what works for you and you’ll find your groove.

So what’s your headline of choice today?

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