5 Quick Twitter Tips for More Traffic


Today I’m talking 5 quick Twitter tips because, well, I suck at Twitter and I know better!  Twitter is a fantastic place to share your message, sure, but it’s also great for making connections, establishing your brand, and growing your audience.

Are you struggling to harness the power of Twitter for your blog?  Tweeting the title for your blog post and a link to direct visitors to your site is not good enough. (I totally do this, too.)  You actually need to be more creative and active as well as connect with people.  That’s what people really want: connection.  And it’s so easy on Twitter.

Below are 5 tips to help you build your brand, grow your network, and get targeted traffic from Twitter.

1. Use hashtags

I totally don’t use them consistently, but hashtags are crucial on Twitter.  They allow you to label your content, making it searchable.  It is one of the best ways to get your content seen by Twitter followers who are searching for specific keywords that you have used.  Hashtags enhance your tweet’s visibility and engagement even with people who are not following you.

2. Share your updates often

Because of the microblogging nature of Twitter, updates can actually disappear in matter of seconds.  That means that your message may not even be seen (yikes!)  Therefore, it is very important to share updates often to get your tweets discovered.  It is not good enough to just post a tweet once; instead, you need to post it several times to reach people who are using this social platform at different times.  And mix it up a little.  Change up your hashtags and message with each update.  Pay attention to when you post and which updates get the most engagement.

3. Engage with your audience more

Just like any other social network, the more you engage with your audience, the better your chances of increasing your traffic.  By engaging with others through tweeting, sharing and retweeting, your influence on Twitter will quickly grow.  In addition, retweeting other people’s posts will increase your chances of getting retweeted back, meaning that you will be able to reach more people.  It’s a bonus that as you grow your connections, you open the way for opportunities to collaborate – a way to offer even more value for your audience.

4. Get visual

Most people usually think that Twitter is a text only social platform but that is not the case.  Twitter now features visual content.  This means that if you accompany your text with your visual content, you will increase the chances of it being viewed and shared by more people.  Posting visuals that stand above others will go a long way in helping you get more traffic.  One way I up my Twitter game is by creating GIFs.  This is super-easy to do and you can do it with videos on YouTube!  Once I know what video I want to use, I go to Giphy.com and create a short GIF that lasts just a few seconds.

5. Use a call to action

Every aspect of marketing requires a well-formulated call to action.  Do you want your followers to download your new eBook or do you want them to read your latest blog post? Maybe opt in for your new freebie?  It is important to let your followers know exactly what you want them to do.

Twitter – and social media in general – isn’t hard and it isn’t complicated.  But it does require action, consistency, and course-correction.

Develop a plan of action and implement it.  Tweak it and perfect it until your plan is just right for your blog.  Continue to evolve as needed and watch relationships grow and traffic roll in!

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