7 PotPieGirl Strategy Guides SUPER Cheap!

ebook-bundle-deal-from-potpiegirlI wasn’t going to do a post about this deal. In fact, when I heard about it, I just shared the opportunity with my Facebook group and was going to leave it at that.

Make Money by Blogging

Until I started reading through them – I already had two guides before I heard about this – and realized I wanted to share my thoughts on each one because I know that I’m not always ready to buy even IF a deal is as good as this one.

  • How do I know there’s value?
  • How do I know if the content even applies to me and my business? 
  • How do I know if I even NEED what’s in the guide?

You’re thinking that, aren’t you?

Or maybe you’re limiting your spending (like I am!) and you are very careful with your money. You’re certainly not going to blow it on another strategy guide.

I’m with you there. I have the blog training, the Pinterest training, the affiliate marketing training, and I’ve been online long enough to know that for the most part, there’s nothing really new to me anymore.

I know you feel me. But this is different.

See PotPieGirl decided to release these previously-exclusive guides for a limited time. The deal won’t go away, but the price will go UP.

If time is almost up, I urge you to check out the deal now and come back here if you still want to know what I think about them. 😉


Angled Posts for Affiliate Bloggers

In a nutshell, this guide will help you drill down a topic so that you narrow your focus and get really specific for your audience.

Why is that important?

Because you want to target buyers. And buyers are close to the sale, so you have to speak directly to them, addressing their needs.

You can’t do a post on “air conditioners” and expect to attract readers with cash in hand, ready to buy. You need to write a post about “air conditioners for small apartments that save on energy bills.”

See the difference in those two topics? You’re more likely to get the click and make the sale if you’re targeted and this strategy guide helps you do that.

It helps if you have this keyword tool and this tool for creating beautiful affiliate product displays, too.

And if you’re on Pinterest, you’ll read about a tip that makes round-up posts easy peasy! Which, if you’ve been on Pinterest at all these days, you’ve seen how popular these types of posts are.

Cool WordPress Tricks

Timesaving tips and tricks for adding images to your posts, embedding content (as easy as copy/paste and I was blown away by this tip!), and filling out your category pages for better SEO and user experience.

Short and sweet, but this one is great!


Let’s Compare

This whole guide is about a way of creating review posts that are very effective and gets in the mind of your reader (very important!)

A no-brainer if you have a review site but if you review products in any way, this is a must-read.

I appreciate the step-by-step how-to and even better is that there are images so you’re not wondering how to do something.

What if you blog about home decor, hobbies, or crafts? Well, products are a part of your business. This strategy could easily be adapted in your biz.button_take-me-to-the-deal

Pyramid Content for Affiliate Bloggers

Probably my favorite strategy guide in the whole bunch and if I were a new blogger, I wouldn’t regret getting just this guide at the bundle price.

It’s that good.


Because the hardest part of creating an online business is getting the content right. Whatever way you’re structuring your business – static site, review blog, lifestyle blogger – you need to know how to write a post!

This strategy is the foundation for any type of post you write. If you’re writing a review, a how-to, a case study, even an interview…you’ll want to keep in mind what you learn in this strategy guide.

It’s gold.


The Keyword Myth

Probably my least favorite of this bundle deal and only because I know that if you know nothing about keywords, you will still have a lot to learn after reading this guide.

Which isn’t a bad thing, it just…is.

But to fully understand keywords, I would use this guide as a supplement and get this keyword training that is very thorough.

You’ll need Jaaxy, even if you just sign up and get the 30 free searches to get a feel for things.

This guide does explain why, of two people targeting the same keyword, one will rank better. And you’ll also get a better idea of what keywords you want to target and what to look for – but only if you use Jaaxy.

Still, it’s a GOOD guide. And for the price, REALLY good.


Watch and Profit

This…THIS guide came at such a funny time for me.

In this guide, Jennifer shares a not-so-well-known resource for finding what’s selling online. I actually already knew about it because of something I was doing awhile ago but, because I didn’t save the link, I totally forgot about it.

Just the other day, I was needing to refer to it for something and I could NOT remember what it was! It wasn’t in my bookmarks. It wasn’t written down anywhere.

It was just gone.  😯

Imagine my surprise when I go to read this strategy guide and it’s the exact resource I needed!

Never have I thought to use this resource in this way. AND the tip she saves for last really IS cool.


10 Tips to Make More Holiday Sales

As an affiliate, I think we always need to be thinking about holiday sales. Especially Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas sales.

In this guide, Jennifer shares 10 tips to help your blog posts get more traffic that converts:

  1. How you can overdeliver on your best-performing posts
  2. One thing you MUST be doing for EVERY blog post these days
  3. Types of posts that do VERY well during the holidays
  4. What you can target during the holiday season to get more traffic and sales
  5. A high-level overview and how-to of a specific type of post that buyers LOVE
  6. One part of the holiday buyer market you might have forgotten about…that’s pretty lucrative!
  7. A spin on holiday content that can put more cash in your bank account and…
  8. Another spin on holiday content that will bring in the Benjamins!
  9. Something to remember in spite of everything you’ve been taught about income blogging and affiliate marketing
  10. Kind of a “two-fer” tip that teaches you how to increase your income AND how to find content to blog about


Yes, I recommend getting these strategy guides while the getting is good.

This package is good for new bloggers who want to boost their affiliate marketing income and for seasoned bloggers who could use a few good tips to do the same.

Even if I already think I know all about a how-to guide, I usually pick up a golden nugget or two of information, which helps me level up in my business.

This is a good deal – a really good one, actually – and for the price, you won’t be disappointed. Grab your bundle before the price goes up!

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