Welcome to The Savvy BloggerWelcome to The Savvy Blogger!  My name is Julie and I’ll be sharing my blogging journey with you.

My goals with this blog are to:

  1.  Answer your questions about blogging and making money online.
  2.  Solve common problems related to starting, growing, and monetizing a blog.
  3.  Share my experience of starting, growing, and monetizing a blog (and more!) from the ground up – on a bootstrap budget, no less!

And since I can’t get enough of internet marketing products and courses, I’ll be writing reviews as I invest in them and putting some of what I learn into practice, too!

I will also be sharing my income reports because it’ll keep me accountable and hopefully provide you with some motivation, too.

I’m doing this so you can learn from my journey, join me in creating your own blog or website, set goals with me (even borrow mine), and have fun along the way.

I hope to build a community here, so I welcome your questions, comments, and feedback!

My Back Story

I’m not new to internet marketing but this is the first honest-to-goodness blog I’ve ever authored.

I’ve “been online” for over 15 years.  My first experience was when my sister and I started a baby/parenting website using Microsoft Frontpage and basic HTML – talk about ages ago.  It was a great learning experience and as we both learned, we discovered new resources that developed our skills.

One day, we were referred to SBI! (formerly Site Build It!).  This was a major turning point for me.  Here was a way to go from knowing nothing to having an online business.  I began to imagine the possibilities of that – working from home, freedom, exciting ways to bring in income – and I wanted in.

I’ll spare you the details, but here’s what happened:

  • I went from knowing almost nothing about building a website (let alone a web business!) to knowing how to build a site, write content, attract an audience, and make money online.
  • I’ve owned several web properties that produced income.
  • I’ve made some really good friends who love making money online as much as I do!

So I do have an above average understanding of what it takes to make money with an online business.  However, I’ve only been able to reach a certain level of success.  Certainly not a full-time income, which is a priority for me.

And that brings us to the present.

I’ve decided to wipe the slate clean and start this new adventure from scratch.  I’m not relying on any previously built email lists or website traffic.  The plan is to take things step-by-step, forget about making money (shock! horror!) – for the time being, anyway – and focus on being of service and providing value.

What You Can Expect at The Savvy Blogger

In a nutshell, I intend to write about what I know, what I want to know, and what works for me.

What I know

I know how to build a website using a variety of resources and how to write pretty good content.  I love these two aspects of online business.  It’s truly thrilling to brainstorm ideas for content and – believe it or not! – it’s loads of fun to write.

And I enjoy all the prep and techie stuff, too.  Researching a niche, mining for good keywords, structuring pages so that everything flows just right, building quality pages…

I also know that it takes time to build something that provides solid value.  We do that, and then can we think about monetizing.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

What I Want to Know

I want to know what you would like to see on this blog, dear reader.  I intend for The Savvy Blogger to be a resource for seasoned and novice bloggers alike.  One that showcases an evolving, real-time example of how to build a site that makes great income.

I also want to know what works now in this world that has so much information, it often puts us on overload.  Am I right?  I don’t know about you, but I’m so overwhelmed by how-tos, webinars and internet marketing courses that I’ve been paralyzed – because I just don’t know which step to take and when.

So a big part of this site will cover what I think about internet marketing products and courses.  I want to know what strategies work right now, what courses are worth our time, and which ones are worth our money.

Sound good?

What Works for Me

Finally, I’ll be sharing what works for me.  Do “old school” techniques work if you work ’em?  What new strategies have been developed to rock out online businesses?  How many posts a week are best for me?  What’s the best way to spread the word about my blog?  How long will it take to begin seeing an income?

Let’s find out together.

And as I grow and see results, I’ll be posting them here on The Savvy Blogger with details about what I’m doing, what my “back office” stats are, and how much money I’m making.

Speaking of income reports, I do get paid for writing website content and I do see affiliate income from my other sites, but I’m only going to be reporting on the income I receive from the steps I take from here on out.  You’ll get real-time updates so that you can take what I learn and implement it in your business.  Or just come along for the ride.

This is gonna to be fun!

Where are you in your internet marketing or blogging journey?  What do you most want to know about building a business online?

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