Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest Without a Blog

A hot topic these days is affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog. Can it be done?

Yes, it’s possible and I’m going to share 8 tips for making money on Pinterest as an affiliate marketer. I talk about doing this without a blog but if you have a blog and want to supplement your blogging income with affiliate pins, you can easily do that!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I might make a commission when you click through and make a purchase.

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Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Unless you’ve been living a pretty sheltered life or are new to affiliate marketing and blogging, you’re probably aware that Pinterest is one of the fastest growing sites in the world.

It’s visually stimulating like other bookmarking sites, but it has a different sort of appeal. It’s considered to be a social site, but these days it’s more of a search engine and a place for users to save favorite how-tos, ideas, and products.

Pinterest is primarily used by women, but that doesn’t mean men are excluded from the site – there are plenty of them there, too.

On Pinterest, users create boards and “pin” favorite items to it. Those items come in the form of an image that links off the site to the item they’re pinning.

Some people save favorite DIY tutorials, some save blog posts, and some save – you guessed it – affiliate products that have been pinned by affiliate marketers like you.

8 Tips for Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest – With or Without a Blog!

Here are some tips for maximizing your affiliate success on Pinterest:

Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest Without a Blog1. Pick products and niches that are popular on the site. Visit Pinterest and see what kinds of things are being pinned. Two of the biggest categories are probably fitness and cooking. Some people crack jokes, thanking Pinterest for teaching us how to exercise off the calories we’re consuming thanks to other pins that just taught us how to cook.

DIY, home decor, and crafting are two more popular niches.

There are TONS of popular categories that do well on Pinterest that you can tap into for your affiliate marketing efforts.

Ideally, you choose a niche you love. Or choose a niche you’re interested in and want to learn more about – then share the things you learn about!

➡️  Get specific help with choosing a niche, as well as what to pin and when!

2. Choose the right affiliate programs. Not all affiliate programs will work for you if you don’t have a blog or website. However, there are affiliate programs out there that do allow links on Pinterest. Look for programs that have a great commission rate and lots of products you can choose to promote!

Or you can take this shortcut to learn how to get started with two great programs that are perfect for Pinterest!

3. Use great images that reflect the niche. You can pin images directly from your affiliate site and edit them so that they’re linked with YOUR affiliate link or use stock photos to create your own pinnable images. Pixabay is a great free resource for stock photos.

4. Try infographics to get a viral element going. Infographics are long scrolling visuals that cover a concept in depth. You could create something like, “How to Organize Your Closet”, with a dozen easy-to-do tips. On the infographic, include tips that require the products you’re promoting!

5. Create your own unique images that promote the product you’re sharing. Creativity is often rewarded here. You can come up with a great design and an attention-grabbing title, which might be more compelling to click than just a product image.

I like PicMonkey for creating my pins, but I also use Stencil. In my opinion, these two are the easiest to you, have great editing tools, and both offer free accounts as well as paid accounts, if you’d like to open up more editing features.

Canva is another popular online photo editor you can use. I don’t personally use it, but I’ve heard good things from others and they have some great layouts you can use to jumpstart your image creation.

6. Write a description for your pin, including keywords that might be searched for. Whenever you pin something, you have the chance to write something about it. Talk about why you love the item you’re sharing, the problem your item solves, or why it makes a great gift for ___________ (moms, dads, kids, dog lovers, etc.).

Believe it or not, this does matter. People search Pinterest for all kinds of things and pin descriptions can help YOUR pins get found.

7. Follow people who show an interest in your niche. Search Pinterest and start following the profiles and boards of people interested in the things you’re promoting. They will get a notification and will often follow you back.

This is also a good way to get pins shown in your own feed that you can then repin to your boards. Which leads me to my last tip…

8. Pin more than just your pins and definitely more than just affiliate products. Be strategic! If you’re doing nothing but selling, then people won’t follow you. Take a look at what others are pinning and you’ll notice they pin things like memes and sayings, funny pictures, and more. Be human – don’t spam.

When you visit sites online and see pinnable images, pin them! This keeps your boards active, your followers will enjoy seeing a variety of pins, and then you can drip your affiliate link pins in and space them out.

Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest Without a Blog – Wrapping Up

I hope these tips help you get started with affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog.

If you’d like more information on this subject or want to ramp up your efforts, I recommend these resources:

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