Amazon Affiliate Blogging – Reviewing Erica Stone’s Extreme Review in 2017 Part 3

Amazon Affiliate Blogging - Part 3 Reviewing Erica Stone's Extreme ReviewAmazon Affiliate Blogging - Part 3 Reviewing Extreme Review by Erica Stone Ahh, Amazon affiliate blogging by implementing Erica Stone’s Extreme Review strategy…at this point, I have found my niche, chosen my domain, got hosting squared away, and have set up my WordPress site.

Time to start building.

**Please note that this post contains affiliate links.**

If you missed part one of this review, visit this page, and part two is here. Otherwise, let’s dive into the next part of my review of Erica Stone’s Extreme Review Amazon affiliate marketing strategy guide.

Writing the Product Reviews

The next phase of the Extreme Review process is actually writing a review post.

Amazon Affiliate Blogging Case Study - Reviewing Erica Stone's Extreme Review in 2017

The main guide itself doesn’t have the detailed review instructions (and I think it used to before the 2016 update, but I can’t remember.)

Ninja Reviews - a detailed strategy for writing product reviewsWe’re instructed to open one of our bonus guides – Ninja Reviews – and this guide gives us highly detailed instructions on writing reviews.

So while Extreme Review gives us the overall strategy (and yes, it’s detailed) this bonus guide takes us step-by-step through the entire review writing process.

I am so impressed by the quality of coaching in Ninja Reviews – yes, coaching. You don’t get some high-level overview that leaves you with unanswered questions.

Not. At. All.

You get the “what, why, and how” of review writing and Amazon affiliate blogging and you get it in a “do this, then do this, now do THIS” kind of way.

Erica has covered it all. So this is great for the absolute beginner who has never ever written a blog post as well as for the blogger who’s struggling to make money online, and for the blogger who is making good money and maybe just wants a little variety with another site and another strategy.

Informational Posts

Amazon Niche Master - writing info posts for amazon affiliate blogging and review sitesOnce you have a few reviews written, you’re told to move on to creating informational posts, which aim to answer the questions people have before buying a product.

In this section, Erica gives us the secret to writing informational posts and tells us how to differentiate between what topics to write about what topics to avoid.

Another important point about writing informational posts the right way…they will bring in readers looking to buy as opposed to readers looking to learn.

Erica has also given us a fantastic bonus guide – Amazon Niche Master – where she details 10 strategies for writing informational posts and she gives you a template to follow for each and every one.

As Erica puts it,

>>>”For me, these are the posts that take your site from standard affiliate to sensational authority.”<<<

That’s powerful!

After all, I don’t want to just have any old site on XYZ product. I want my site to be THE site to go to when you want to buy XYZ.

Amazon Niche Master is only 29 pages long but it is packed with tips and techniques for creating awesome informational posts:

  • How and where to include affiliate links
  • How to interlink your posts
  • How long your posts should be
  • Example topics

It’s thorough and I doubt you’d have any questions after reading this bonus guide (but even if you did, Erica’s just an email away!)

Growing Your Review Site and Getting Traffic

The next step in the guide is all about creating a comparison table and Erica gives detailed, step-by-step instruction on how to do this. Every time you publish a new review, you add it to the table.

Ongoing, easy progress and updating! I like that.

Erica then goes on to discuss interlinking your pages, which is essential for making your site easy to navigate and for good SEO.

After briefly touching on the topic of comments and how they benefit your site, we move on to the nuts and bolts of keeping up your site speed and building traffic.

Yes, this strategy relies on getting organic traffic from search engines (because our content is laser-focused on our niche and low-competition keywords) but we also want to diversify where our traffic comes from. We do this with social media.

>>>I’m currently focusing on Pinterest for getting traffic and I love these two strategy guides for making it simple: Pinterest Success Strategies and PinPlosion<<<

How Much Can You Make with Amazon Affiliate Blogging?

The next section covers content and earnings and here we find an example of what to expect in terms of both as they relate to our site.

This is probably my favorite section because there’s a chart where Erica shares her average numbers from Amazon affiliate blogging and building her own review sites. We see an overview of 9 months and for each month we learn the average number of visitors, posts, Amazon click-through rate, number of sales, total sale $$, and average commission.

The numbers are inspiring and encouraging and from my own detective work, are NOT blown up – other review site owners using this strategy are experiencing similar results.

Continuing the Journey

At this point, we learn what to do as we continue to grow our review site.

Erica goes over backlinking, other affiliate network opportunities, and growth strategies that will help us refine our own personal strategy as we build out our review sites.

Erica then follows this information up with a checklist that summarizes the high-level steps we need to take on a consistent basis, so that we don’t veer off track.

I very much appreciate whenever there’s a tool to make things easier. I can quickly print this section off and pin it up so that at-a-glance, I know what to do and when to do it.

Progress on MY Amazon Site

I’m definitely making progress.

I have two reviews and I’m going to finish five before moving on to informational posts, even though Erica wants us to write one of each post type (this is where the rebel in me comes out…feel free to stick to the program. Erica wouldn’t steer you wrong.)

I’ll level with you – creating my first review outline and writing my first review was challenging. I have a tendency to procrastinate and this situation was no exception.

I struggled a little with creating my outline because I wanted to be juuuuuuuust perfect. That was a huge time-waster!

But I powered through and finally settled on an outline. I’ve been tweaking it as I go and I think I’ve settled into the groove. In my experience, the review-writing should go much faster from here on out.

A word of advice: do not let perfectionism and procrastination stop you from taking action. I could still be stuck in the outline phase if I hadn’t decided on “good enough” and moved on. Wouldn’t you know…once I did move on, I was able to refine my outline as I was writing and it just kind of worked out.

I like that Erica lists out exactly what we are to do for each review post, each informational post, and what we need to do once each one is written. I’m not fumbling through the guide trying to pull out to-do items because it’s broken down right there in the guide.

Moving Forward

Moving forward, I’ll continue to write reviews (I’ve started on #3 of the 5 I want to get done!) and will work my way up to five reviews and five informational posts.

I plan to document my Amazon affiliate blogging progress on a monthly basis, discussing how many posts I have and what kind they are, how I market the site, what kind of traffic I see, and – most importantly – what kind of income comes in! 🙂

Since Extreme Review comes with bonus guides that help us create amazing review sites, I’ll probably end up reviewing each guide in detail. Doing this forces me to take my time going through each one, picking it apart, which helps me write better content.

Here are the guides and tools I’ve mentioned so far and am using to build my review site:

My Final Recommendation – Is Erica Stone’s Extreme Review a Good Buy?

Time for my final thoughts. Considering I only have two reviews up but I’m already seeing them ranked (and pretty well!) and getting click-throughs to Amazon, I’m giving this strategy two thumbs up.

From personal experience, I know that clicks are a good sign and are likely to lead to commissions.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it; this strategy – I like to think of it as “Amazon affiliate blogging with intention” – takes work. But you just take each step one at a time and pretty soon, you have one review, then another, then a full-on review site that makes you good money.

My personal goal is to work on this site pretty hardcore until I get to the $2,000/month mark and then I’ll scale back and see what it takes to work less but keep growing my income. The long-term plan is to build another site – maybe even with the intention of selling it, but we’ll see.

I hope you’ll continue to follow my progress and if you want to join me in building your own review site – it’s work, but it’s not hard! – you can purchase Extreme Review here.

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2 thoughts on “Amazon Affiliate Blogging – Reviewing Erica Stone’s Extreme Review in 2017 Part 3

  • January 31, 2018 at 3:10 PM

    Thank you Julie, for this shout-out…You can’t go wrong with Erica Stone…this and all of her other eguides are stellar and Extreme Review is no exception! I too, have my copy, and I can vouch for the truth of this review. Somebody told me once that product review sites are tough unless you choose a micro-niche to focus on (which you will learn how to do in the first chapter.)

    I still refer to my copy from time to time for my micro-niche site, and I can vouch for the truth that my site didn’t progress much until I started implementing Erica’s advice to a T! I began with disorganized 800-word reviews that didn’t rank well….Now all my product reviews have at least 12 -13 subheadings for each detail and wow, what a difference it made -getting 1000+ words without fluff and filler got so much easier.

    How is your own niche review site doing these days?

    • February 3, 2018 at 9:00 AM

      Hey Jennifer!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      I’ve heard that review sites are tough, too, but you have to take that advice with a grain of salt. Right? Because some review sites are thin, don’t add value for the reader, and have no personality. Erica’s guide addresses all of that and shows you how to create a site that offers REAL value.

      I think it’s FASCINATING that you’ve incorporated Erica’s training into your niche site (if it’s the one you’ve linked here, it’s beautiful, by the way!) Makes sense, really. If you talk about products, it’s a good idea to know how to write a thorough review. Visitors appreciate that!

      My review site is plugging along. I don’t have as many reviews and info posts as I want, but I’m getting traffic, clicks, and sales. Like you, knowing how to write a proper product review has helped me with my other sites. For example, I did some interviews on this blog and I used the same kind of thinking I use for reviews to come up with questions to ask my interviewees.

      And one of my “just for fun” sites has a couple of product reviews for some long-tail keywords and I’m seeing more traffic, clicks, and sales there, too! The strategy definitely works. 🙂

      ~ Julie


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