Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners | A Review of Erica Stone’s Extreme Review

Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners - Reviewing Extreme ReviewI describe Erica Stone’s Extreme Review as “Amazon affiliate marketing for beginners.” However, if you already have some experience with blogging, affiliate marketing, or internet marketing, you can absolutely benefit from this. Especially if you’re a woman because, ladies, there are not enough of you putting out sites using this strategy!

I figure, it’s time for me to write up a review of this strategy and you can follow along as I grow TWO niche sites – I won’t be sharing what niches, but I will be sharing what I do, when I do it, and what kind of results I see.

**This post contains affiliate links.**

I don’t want to get too into the data, but just some easy tracking of number and types of pages, traffic, income, search engine ranking.  I don’t want to get too hung up on all that, but I will share some of that stuff so you have a tangible way to see how this works.

I only know Erica through our brief exchanges via email – her customer service is top-notch and I always have lots of questions! I respect her a great deal. She’s made a name for herself by creating solid internet marketing strategy guides that her fans can’t wait to get ahold of (me, included!).

I’ve had Extreme Review for some time and I automatically received the update last summer (one of the perks of purchasing is that you automatically get updates.) So yes, I’ve used this strategy but not with an analytical mindset and with the intention of picking it apart to review.

You can pick up your own copy of Extreme Review if you want – this isn’t part of my final recommendation, it’s just a courtesy in case you want to jump in and follow along as I implement.

Let’s Look at The Sales Page

Is this a good way to learn Amazon affiliate marketing for beginners?  Let’s look at the sales page.Affiliate Marketing for Beginners - Reviewing Extreme Review by Erica Stone

The first thing that stands out is the headline: “Ever wonder how many Amazon review sites you’d need? JUST ONE.” This doesn’t WOW me and I don’t think it does the product justice. But she’s not really targeting stay-at-home-moms or women or bloggers…she’s targeting internet marketers and their language is a little different.

Putting on my internet marketer hat, I totally get that she’s telling me I don’t need a dozen affiliate review sites to make good money. But the average blogger isn’t really going to get that. The typical beginner blogger doesn’t even know what a review site is, they’re just curious about making money as an Amazon affiliate.

So what is an “Amazon review site?” It’s a blog/site that is laser-focused on targeting buyers by reviewing a particular type of product in-depth.

This is not the kind of site where you’ll talk about what you had for breakfast, how you’re parenting your kids, tips for DIY projects, or what kind of beauty products you picked up in your latest haul. But it is a great way to implement Amazon affiliate marketing for beginners and more experienced marketers alike.

This is a very specific type of blog where you will focus 100% on promoting a particular type of product.

The idea behind the review site is that you are targeting buyers who are in the last stages of making the buying decision. They need your help to confirm the decision they’re leaning toward. It’s your job to act as their personal shopper, helping them decide on what to buy.

Cool, right?

The next big thing I notice is that this sales page is largely talking about results from 2013 and before, so if I didn’t know better, that would automatically make me question whether or not this strategy is current.

However, Erica does a great job sharing her personal experience, testimonials, and she clearly states at the beginning that this strategy still works today. But I’d love to see an updated sales page!

Erica then goes on to talk about benefits – I’m listening! – and several stand out.

Imagine taking three months off and STILL seeing your Amazon Associates dashboard showing consistent sales every day.

That right there is the number one benefit – passive income and being able to live a freedom-based lifestyle. Yes, please!

The benefits of this strategy also include a low barrier to entry.  All you need to work this is a computer, hosting, and a domain.

Reading further, we learn that we get the guide and a couple of bonuses.

Erica spells out exactly what we can expect:

  • step-by-step instructions
  • 3 ways to find a niche we’ll enjoy
  • how Erica filters out bad ideas
  • how to rank more quickly in search engines
  • simple keyword research
  • exactly how to structure your site
  • how to bring in more traffic with information posts
  • what to do after you click “publish”
  • free updates for life
  • unlimited customer support (I’ve experienced her support personally and it’s THE best!)
  • …and much more

Wrapping up, Erica gets real clear on who this guide is for and lets us know that there is a 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

Finally, we get to the price. At $39, I think it’s a great buy and I know that Erica overdelivers on her products so I wouldn’t hesitate to snap up this guide.

So far, this looks like a great guide about Amazon affiliate marketing for beginners and Erica even addresses more experienced bloggers who haven’t seen the success they’d like.

Here’s what I love about this sales page:

  • sold me without being “salesy” or pushy
  • great visuals and easy to read
  • told me exactly what I can expect to learn and what kind of results I might see if I put in the work
  • no hard-sell video
  • short and sweet – I love that it didn’t go on forever

What Happens When You Click to Buy

Now, I already have this, but I’m going to go through the buying process right up until the confirmation.

Once you click “add to cart,” you’re taken immediately to the checkout page, where you’ll enter the email they can deliver your purchase to and click the checkout button.

Then, you’re taken to PayPal, where you finish your transaction.

Once you’ve purchased, you’ll be directed back to WarriorPlus where you can immediately access your purchase and you’ll also receive an email with details on accessing your purchase. Be sure to hang on to this for your records.

There are no upsells and once you buy, you can get started right away.

My Thoughts So Far – A Great Way to Get Started with Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners?

I’m actually itching to keep writing this review but I’m going to take a break here. In my next review, I’ll be talking about exactly what you get when you make your purchase.

Then, it’s on to implementation and you get to follow along on my journey!

This is looking like a great way to learn Amazon affiliate marketing for beginners and if you’ve struggled to make money with Amazon, this could be the guide for you. You’re welcome to grab your copy but I also encourage you to keep reading along with my review until I make my final recommendation.

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