Big Fail on What Turned Out to be a Lazy Saturday

If you’re expecting part 3 of my review, I hate to disappoint you but it’s not going to be published today. It’s in the works, though, with lovely photos and everything and I hope to be hitting the publish button on it by end-of-day Monday.

I hope.

I had also hoped to have a review written for my niche site. It’s 7:58 PM and I haven’t even begun taking notes. So I don’t think I’m going to reach that goal today. I still could, I suppose, if I had a couple cups of coffee and stayed up until midnight, but the defiant side of me is saying, “No way!”

Ever feel like that? Like you just…don’t…wanna. Well, today I’m honoring that part of me by allowing myself to vent here and then I’m going to indulge in an early bedtime.

Yes, I do know how to party on a Saturday night!

I also know that allowing myself this indulgence will make it that much easier tomorrow to hit the ground running bright and early.

Oh, I do have some pretty cool news. I emailed Erica (creator of Extreme Review) some questions and she answered in her usually awesome fashion. She gave me a tip for writing reviews that was a total lightbulb moment for me – and I told her as much. I’ll share all about it in the next part of the review.

Well, this short, personal post is all I have in me this evening. I wish I didn’t feel so guilty for not meeting my goal. I wish I didn’t suspect this was my tendency to procrastinate rearing its very ugly and destructive head. But I’ll give myself the benefit of the doubt.

At least I posted here, today. 🙂

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