Successful Blog Tips from Bloggers Making at Least $1,000 a Month

Successful Blog Tips Interview SeriesYou can get successful blog tips from just about anyone (including me), anywhere. But where can you get tips from several income bloggers making at least $1,000 a month – and in several cases, much more – all in one place?

Which leads me to some very exciting news. Tomorrow begins a new weekly series of interviews. Every Friday, I’ll be sharing an interview with an income blogger where they share their tips and strategies for building a full-time income by blogging.

These are not your typical “how did you get started” questions. I dig. I ask them to get specific.

Their experience can be your training. Take what they share and implement everything you resonate with because one of the best ways of becoming successful is by doing what others have done to become a success.

I’m not talking about copying here, I’m talking about modeling – implementing the actions other successful bloggers have taken, testing and tweaking as needed to discover your own unique strategy.

Why a Minimum of $1,000 a Month?

Why am I featuring bloggers making $1,000 a month, minimum? Because for many, making an extra $1,000 by blogging would be life-changing. It could pay a few extra bills or build a child’s college fund. It could help pay for the family vacation or be used to support philanthropic activities.

Life. Changing.

And when you build an online business, not just a blog, you can multiply that thousand bucks into $5,000, $10,000 a month…or more.

You get out of your business what you put in, so it’s going to take work. Reading through successful blog tips is a good start but then you need to get moving, implementing what you’ve learned (and I just happen to have a super cool support group to help you out and you can join for free!)

Successful Blog Tips – Start Following Along

The interviews begin tomorrow – successful blog tips from top bloggers earning at least $1,000 a month. The first interview is ready to be published and goes live early tomorrow morning.

I hope you get a lot out of these and I hope you’ll let me know what you think and if they help, how they help.

This page will eventually be a hub where you can access each of the interviews (with cool thumbnail photos and everything!) but until I have them all, this will have to do.

You really don’t want to miss these, so I hope you’ll subscribe to my newsletter because I’ll be sending out updates and you get lots of cool stuff for being a V.I.P. subscriber. 😉

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