Blogging Smart and Sassy: A Boss Babe’s Guide to the Basics

blogging smart and sassy

Hey Boss Babe!  Welcome to Blogging Smart and Sassy – a series covering the basics of blogging for income.  My goal is to help you get started with building a blog – one that makes some serious cash (all in good time, though!)

We are going to rock out our blogs, from finding the perfect domain name to monetizing our content!

Think of this as a high-level overview of what’s to come.  I’m going to talk about what to expect from this series so 1. you start salivating over the topics and 2. you can start brainstorming an action plan to follow along.

Fair warning: this series covers the basics and is perfect for beginners or if you’re stuck and need a refresher course.  You will not find any big secrets (there really aren’t any, you know.) The process of blogging for income is ultimately the same today as it was 10 years ago – with a few tweaks here and there.

I’m also writing this in a multi-post, “bite size” format.  All the better for you to take each piece, learn, implement, and repeat.

Do me a solid and read through everything before you start following along.  Why?  Because there’s some prepping and planning to do even before you get your domain name.  But hey, if you’re a rebel like me, no worries if you fully commit and just get started – we got this!

A Bit About Me

I’m not an expert.  I’m not a guru.  I’m a blogger, just like you.  We’re in the trenches together, girl.

Sure, I’ve made money online, but nothing to write home about, if you know what I mean.  I’ve built static online businesses, microsites, and have tried just about everything out there.  Most of it works, you know.  If you work it.  But I haven’t hit the mark when it comes to earning a full-time income.

That’s why I built this site.  To try out methods, build a community, and – eventually – make a full-time income from this blog.

Blogging smart and sassy is all about serving.  I want to help you not only start a blog, but build a true asset – one that, yes, makes you money, but also serves a purpose by filling a need.

I hope you’ll join me on this adventure!

Choosing What to Blog About

Part one is all about how to choose a niche to blog about.  You gotta know what you’re going to say and how you’re going to serve your audience.  Even if it’s just a general, fuzzy idea.  You can be general – at first.

We’ll talk about what a niche is, how to clarify your unique voice, why you need to get clear on what you’re blogging about, and we’ll even go into specific niches – as examples – to discuss the pros, cons, and requirements for each.

How to Start a Blog to Make Money

Now that you have clarified your niche, it’s time to learn how to start a blog to make money.  This is the step-by-step process I use.  You can definitely complete this step in a day and if you’re really fast, this can be done in an hour or two.

WHAT?  That’s right.

I’m all about quick and easy set up because then you can get to blogging!

Learn How to Monetize your Blog

It’s pretty easy to learn how to monetize your blog.  Monetizing your blog means you are implementing a plan to earn income.  There are many ways to monetize and each blog requires its own unique plan.

Developing a monetization plan isn’t difficult and it should be done early – at the same time you decide on your niche.  Why?  Because if you go to all the trouble of finding a niche, purchasing a domain and hosting, and writing content, only to find out that there’s no money in your niche, that’s a huge bummer!

Let’s create your monetization plan today so that it’s almost effortless when you put it into practice!

How to Brainstorm Post Ideas

Brainstorming is an essential part of the creative process.  I like putting pen to paper, but there are free online tools you can use if that suits you better.  I’ve even been known to go back and forth between the two types, depending on my mood.

I’ll show you what I do and hopefully inspire you to develop your own style for coming up with post topics.

How to Create a Blogging Calendar

Managing your time is going to make the most of your time.  So let’s start building good habits by planning what to write about, and when.

You’ve come up with your ideas, now let’s finalize them, create some compelling titles, get our calendar filled out, and get busy!

How to Create Content for Your Blog

Blogging smart and sassy is all about creating great content in your own unique voice.  Here’s where I share my tips for creating content like a rock star.  If you’ve taken the previous steps, this part is actually pretty easy!

But what if you have never written anything before?  What if you’re a pretty good writer, but your grammar sucks?  What if – gasp! – you’d rather have your teeth pulled one-by-one without pain meds than write content?

Yeah, we cover all that in this post.

How to Market Your Blog

You’ve set up your blog, created some amazing content, now it’s time to get your stuff in front of people.  But how?

Let me tell you, I struggled with this step.  Especially with my history of having an online business.  Do I put my link out there?  Do I write guest posts?  Do I put up ads?  And what about social media?

I was constantly fretting over the “right way” to market my blog.

But I’ve recently received some solid advice from people that are seeing success right now – and if they can market their blog easy peasy, so can we.

How to Monetize Your Blog for Maximum Profits

You’ll notice this is almost the last step you take, and for good reason.

By the time you get to this step, you should know how you’re going to turn your blog into a business.  Sure, passive income via affiliate programs and ads is an amazing start.

But what comes next for you?

Sponsored content?  Digital products like reports, ebooks, PLR, or courses?  Think BIG.  What about services or selling hard goods?  Membership sites are another great model  – especially if you’ve established an active community on your blog that you can leverage into a membership program.

We’ll take a look at these monetization models and figure out a plan for making a great income from your blog.

Investing in Your (Continuing) Blogging Education

You now have a blog that is bringing in traffic and income that is steadily growing – now what?.  Do you just “set it and forget it?”  Let’s talk about what to do when you’ve built your blog up and established yourself as an authority in your niche – and how to keep blogging smart and sassy!

We’ll check out some “continuing education” for rock star blogger babes and discuss why it’s important to keep learning about this industry.

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