Can You Succeed with Pinterest if You’re Pinning Manually?

Can You Succeed with Pinterest if You're Pinning Manually*This post contains affiliate links.*

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I’m not thrilled with the idea that I need to use automation tools like Tailwind and BoardBooster to have a chance of succeeding on Pinterest.

Sure, they have their place, don’t get me wrong. It’s important to be everywhere and with automation tools, you can do just that.

But I also know that the best way to succeed with your blog is by keeping it REAL and not by letting fancy tools do the all the work for you.

So imagine how thrilled I was when I came across a strategy guide that shared one woman’s journey with manual pinning – and how she went from ZERO to 200,000 pageviews a month in less than a year.

That’s incredible!

Well, she wrote a book about it and she was going to take it off the market but, instead, decided to keep it live and increase the price.

So if you are looking for a solid strategy for manual pinning, you might want to pick up this eBook before the price goes up (it is supposed to go up in price today but as of the time of this writing, it hasn’t yet! Go get it!)

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Is Manual Pinning a Worthwhile Time Investment?

In this blogger’s opinion, absolutely. Here’s the problem with automation: businesses wise up when people try to game the system.

It’s happened with SEO, it happened with Facebook and Pinterest is wise, too.

So they play along because we are helping to grow their business and their content, but they’re not going to let us get too spammy, which is a possibility when you have thousands of bloggers setting up automatic pinning.

Pinterest wants REAL content from REAL people who want to provide REAL value. So by all means, use every tool you have available to you. But keep it REAL and spend some time manually pinning awesome content.

Is it worth seeing more traffic to your site – and income from your site – just by spending an hour or so a day having fun on Pinterest?

Yes, I said having FUN. Pinterest is a really fun social network (and search engine!) That’s not much time so you want to make the most of it and this strategy and these tips can help you do just that.

I Just Want to Pin – Can’t You Just Tell Me How to Do It?


Create AMAZING content that solves your reader’s problem or eases their pain. (Here’s a great course if you struggle with doing that.)

Create pinnable images for your content. I use PicMonkey and Stencil more than any other photo editing tool.

My images are:

  • Longer than they are wide (use the dimensions 800 x 1200 or 600 x 900 for my graphics)
  • Have “clickable” curiousity-building text and are visually appealing (if I do say so myself!)

Then, promote the heck out of your content on social media but especially on Pinterest. Every time you pin your content, pin two pieces of someone else’s great content (this is a very basic strategy but it’s a good one.)

Rinse and repeat.

Again, this is a basic strategy for getting more traffic to your blog by using Pinterest. Keep this up and you’ll eventually discover your own strategy that works well for you. However, if you want to save time and pick up some tips and techniques that have worked for others and are working well, I recommend:

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