Challenge Yourself to Blog and Build Your List

Blog and List Building ChallengeIt’s Christmastime and you’re probably thinking about the gifts you want to give your loved ones. But I want you to consider this upcoming New Year and how you’ll make the most of it. I want you to challenge yourself to blog and build your list this year.

Whether you’re brand new without an online presence or you have a blog that you can grow, I bet you could level up your blogging and list building. 

I know I could.

This is an ongoing process. We start, we learn, we build, we grow, and we go back to learning and do it all over again. That’s necessary for progress and growth long-term. We never “get it done” because we can always level up.

The Blog and List Building Challenge

Awhile back, I grabbed a deal for a series of coaching challenges and the blog and list building challenge was one of them.

In these challenges, you get daily instruction and – depending on which one you get – it can be anywhere from a week to a month.

These challenges were “put in the vault,” so to speak, and weren’t going to be available anymore.

But they’re been opened up and there’s one I’m recommending today because 1. It’s a great challenge and 2. It’s $50 off, bringing the price from $67 to $17 (and you get access for life.)

Day 3 of the mini-challenge video that goes along with the bigger challenges goes over a small part of the bigger challenge (something you can take action on right away!) and below the video, I’m sharing my affiliate link to the challenge along with the discount code.

Take a look:

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I watched this video earlier and there are two glaring action items I’m missing on this blog.

I don’t have a freebie and on recent posts, there’s no subscription form at the bottom.

I did have a freebie, but it was tanking and I took it down. I need to create something new and great for this blog – and I will. Then, I need to get back to adding a subscription form at the bottom of my posts (which will have to wait because I think I need to update some stuff first.)

On my niche site, I already have a high-value freebie for my visitors but I’m not adding a sign-up form on all posts. I need to fix that.

See how easy that is? That’s one tip from one short video. And challenges are packed full of stuff like this. 

I highly recommend checking out this challenge and the other ones available to you! I have all 10 challenges and I love that at any time, I can repeat a program and get the same hand-holding and support every time.

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