The Freedom Fix by Erica Stone – Review Part 1

The months leading up to the birth I was getting ready to welcome my little one and took some time off.

The months after I had my little guy have been packed full of mom stuff. I’ve gotten very little sleep but I am loving being Mom to my little guy.

That being said, blogging has taken a back seat. BIG TIME.

I haven’t worked on The Savvy Blogger and I haven’t spent much time working on my niche sites. I’ve done a little bit, but having a newborn is time-consuming and frankly, I’d rather spend time cuddling with my li’l guy then writing blog posts.

That’s all changed recently when my baby started being a little more independent. He’s sitting up in an infant floor seat and has a bit of a schedule, so I’ve been able to rethink my business strategy.

Just a heads-up, this post contains affiliate links, which means I might make a commission when you click through one of my links and make a purchase.

This offer expires September 5th and coaching begins September 6th. ➡️ Click now to get the details on this coaching offer for new and experienced affiliate marketers. Then come back to read the rest of this review!

The Freedom Fix Coaching Program Goes Live

It seemed like a good time to breathe life into my business when Erica Stone launched an EPIC coaching opportunity – The Freedom Fix.

See, Erica doesn’t offer coaching often. Maybe a couple times a year. And when she does, it’s usually 3-8 weeks and limited to a handful of students.

Yesterday, however, she launched this new coaching program that’s SIX MONTHS of coaching as she builds a brand new affiliate site and revives and grows an older site. And the price tag is significantly lower than when she normally offers coaching.

Here’s what I like about what she’s offering in this program:

  • Over-the-shoulder look at real-time sitebuilding
  • I can follow along, implementing her tips and techniques and getting walked through stuff that’s challenging for me
  • Instruction for getting started, setting up a new site, setting up analytics and tracking, getting traffic, testing conversions (sales), improving site speed, and more
  • An inside-look at how Erica starts, builds, and grows a site as she shares what works for her and how she does things
  • THREE Live Q&A sessions (and the replays) so I can ask questions and get help if I get stuck

What’s Missing from This Program?

What’s not being offered in this program is training on building a list and social media marketing.

Erica also will not be personally reviewing our work or answering questions on a one-on-one basis. Instead, she’ll be answering questions in her Q&A sessions.

This also isn’t about selling digital products. It’s about building a site that sells physical affiliate products.

Who is The Freedom Fix For?

Erica’s tailored this coaching program to serve beginning affiliate marketers and experienced site owners alike.

For newbies, this is a way to learn from someone who’s doing exactly what they need to be doing.

For more experienced marketers, this is a way to level up what you’re already doing and grow your traffic and income.

Final Thoughts

This offer is only available until September 5th at Midnight MST.

I truly can’t say enough good things about Erica as a mentor.

And I’m not the only one. Check out THIS testimonial.

I know her trainings are clear and simple to follow and her strategies work – if you do. You’ll have to do your part and take action, but if you do, you’ll see results.

Be sure to keep checking back here as I’ll be updating this review. Next up, I’ll be sharing my thoughts about what happens after you sign up!

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