Getting Started with SBI! for WordPress

Getting Started with SBI! for WordPressAlright. Once I claimed my subscription, I was provided with a login and password to use when logging in.

Once I log in, I see a page with navigation, a quick-start guide, instructions for downloading the plugin and a download link, and a few links that take me to more information and training.

From here, I can access the Brainstormer, where I can research my niche and start building my Master Keyword List, or MKL. I can also get to the SBI! forums where I can assure you I will find a TON of support.

I can also get to the SBI! forums where I can assure you I will find a TON of support. In fact, the day I signed up, I spent the rest of the day hanging out in the forums. They’re MASSIVE and if you have a question, someone else is probably asking it or has already asked it (and if not, an answer is just a new forum post away.)

The Case Study Site

Here’s the thing: at this point, I’ve totally strayed from the process. You see, the first several steps in the SBI! for WP action guide talk about what to expect starting out, the ins-and-outs of online business, researching/evaluating/choosing your niche, planning your content, checking out monetization options…

And then you commit to your chosen site topic, purchase a domain and hosting, and install WordPress.

I am starting this study knowing what my niche is, what my site is going to be about, what will make my site different (ME!  😀 ), and how I can and will monetize (because I’ve been in this industry and know people in it).

However, I’m still going back to the beginning and starting with what to expect when starting out. I want the refresher and it’ll prevent me from assuming anything. It’s all about covering my bases and being thorough.

So with all that said, I have chosen my niche, grabbed a domain, and installed WordPress. Here’s what my site looks like!

SBI! for WP Review and Case Study - After installing WordPress with Site Ground


Talk about starting from scratch, right?

I’ve hit some roadblocks. Namely, Google flagged my brand new site as “dangerous” and I’ve had to report the error and ask them to remove it. Fingers crossed.

I also somehow messed up my WP installation and my super-duper hosting company fixed it for me in about 2 seconds. The customer service I’ve experienced has been some of the best I’ve ever encountered and I have high standards. So if you need hosting, I highly recommend them.

Where I Am Now

Now I’m at the point that, while my site is still flagged, I can at least begin with the SBI! for WP training and start building my site. Showing some high-quality content might prove to Big G that I mean business and that my site isn’t spammy. [Anyone have experience with this?]

I’m impressed with both the quick-start guide and the full Action Guide. The quick start will get you going, and fast. It covers the brainstorming tool, how to get started with the SBI for WP! plugin, what all you get in your dashboard area, how to find and narrow down your niche, and how to use your MKL.

While I appreciate the quick-start, I will still read through the Action Guide start-to-finish because I know from experience that it’s essential to do so.

I’m going take my time reading through days 1-5 of the Action Guide and after that, it’s time to get to site-building!

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