She Got OVER 3 Million Viewers in ONE Day – My Results {So Far} Using Her Strategy!

Update - Part Two of My Pinterest Success Strategies ReviewI was recently called out by a lovely reader (shout out!) who made me aware that I haven’t posted an update about my results using the strategy that got one blogger over 3 million viewers in one day. In case you’re not up-to-date on my review, it starts over on this blog post.

➡ Yes! I highly recommend Pinterest Success Strategies! I tested the techniques in a very competitive niche and I get repins, traffic, and new followers daily, and I’m beginning to test with a new niche site and products!

Master Pinterest with These Techniques – Get Your Guide Here

3 Million Viewers - Pinterest Success Strategies

Breaking Down Each Guide

You get six guides and a content planner:

Pinterest Success Strategies Update - Seven Guides

The Core of Your Strategy

When I first read this guide, I already knew about the technique but not the why behind it and certainly not how important it was.

Now, I cringe when I see a Pinterest profile that is NOT doing this.

Another thing I want to point out is that just this guide alone is so comprehensive that I was totally overwhelmed – in a good way! I bought this because I wanted a strategy. Because I wanted a thorough understanding of what Pinterest is and how it works.

And one guide was so in-depth that I was taken by surprise. Just for a minute, though. 🙂 I got it together and then got to work.

This guide gets you off on the right foot: you get set up, you get your foundation, and you’re ready. Oh, and then there’s this…

I highly recommend reading the guides in order AND keeping a
notepad next to you.

That’s a good idea.

The MEGA Guide

This is where things get serious. First, you’re going to learn what Pinterest is and why it’s important. There’s also an insight here that isn’t widely known yet and we can capitalize on it.

One big point that resonated with me was the difference between using Pinterest for followers, repins, and traffic and using it for our most-wanted-response – clicks, opt-ins, and sales on our blog.

That takes a different mindset and different actions.

Like Jennifer says:

Page views are cool and all but they don’t really mean anything unless they improve my bottom line.

Pinterest Mistakes

Jen goes on to cover 8 mistakes you’re making and how to correct them. These are so common, it’s likely you’re making more than one mistake, if not all of them.

I’m still making one of these mistakes but I’m okay with it (if you decide to get your copy and want to know what mistake I’m making, contact me and I’ll tell you! 😉 )

This is also the part where she talks about automation tools, which I don’t use. It just doesn’t feel good to me.

I was beyond thrilled when I found this guide that teaches a manual pinning strategy that’s just as effective as automation tools!

Pinterest Q&A

Next up is a Q&A session. 10 questions you probably have and the answers, advice, and action steps that go with them.

Jen even touches on pinning affiliate links! It’s NOT a no-no but there is a RIGHT WAY to do it.

Getting Started and Growing Bigger

By now, you know the what and why of Pinterest, what you need to do, what mistakes you’re making and how to fix them, and answers to your biggest questions.

Now it’s time to get to work.

You’re going to be getting your site or blog “Pinterest ready” and Jennifer shares her own site as a case study, so you have a visual how-to (I love visuals!)

She dives into strategies that do very well on Pinterest (you’ll understand when you get to this point) but goes into even more detail about how you can leverage the popularity of this technique for more {free} traffic, which can mean more income for you.

One of my favorite tips in this guide is how to tell Pinterest what NOT to pin…and what it can pin INSTEAD!

You’re going to love being able to do that!

Getting New Followers – Set It and Forget It!

One thing I really love is finding a technique or tool that allows my site to work for me around the clock. There’s one very cool FREE tool that Jen shares and it gets me new followers every day without me having to do anything.

It takes seconds to set up and I love that it’s not invasive – meaning when someone comes to my blog, they’re not annoyed by some larger-than-life pop-up, squeeze page or some other annoying doodad.

My Pinterest Profile for The Savvy Blogger

How to Use Pinterest Group Boards

Group boards are the thing for marketers. When you’re starting out, you can use them to get some exposure. When you’re bigger, you can create your own group boards and continue growing.

Here, you’ll learn what group boards are, how to join them, how to use them, and how you can get on Jennifer’s group boards that are exclusive to this product! 

Below you’ll see my boards – both my own and group boards I’ve joined! See them up close and follow me on Pinterest.

My Pinterest Boards

Advanced Pinning Strategies

Now we’re cooking with fire!

This guide is all about understanding facts, figures, data, and stats related to Pinterest, your boards, and your pins. Important, for sure, but definitely not my thing.

But since it is important to track data in order to see what works and what doesn’t, you’ll want to pay attention here.

Things have changed a little since the guide was published – Pinterest has been making lots of changes! – but you can still gain a lot of insight from this guide.

Everything wraps up with an actual pinning schedule you can work into your blogging calendar. If you have Tailwind or BoardBooster, this is a lot easier. I don’t use pinning tools, though. 🙂

Full disclosure, I haven’t been using this schedule consistently. When I first bought this, I didn’t have enough pins to do it. Then, I just got busy with other things.

I have been using what I learned in this system but I haven’t used everything, which is fine with me because it means I can continue to implement new things and grow.

The Niche Board Strategy

This guide isn’t for everyone because it’s quite advanced and you need a significant presence online. If you have one – and only one! – blog or site you’re working with, this strategy won’t work for you.

One drawback here is that Jennifer doesn’t tell you how you can do this if you’re not in a place to start right now. You either can do it or you can’t. I would have loved to learn what she recommends when you don’t have what’s required.

Don’t let that stop you from gleaning some insight here. You’ll learn about using keywords as part of your pinning strategy and there’s a free tool you can check out to help you.

Using keywords will help your overall strategy, so this guide is still valuable for anyone. It’s the strategy that won’t work if you don’t have what’s needed.

Selling as an Affiliate on Pinterest

Affiliate Pin on Pinterest

If you don’t promote t-shirts, just take the instruction and apply it to what you DO sell. Swap out “shirts” for “products” and the strategy works.

Something fun about this guide is that Jen shows us stats for sales she’s made from pins!

And while she doesn’t go into instruction about promoted pins, she does touch on the subject, which I appreciated.

After showing us her sales stats, Jennifer reveals one of her niche sites where she implements these strategies…and is seeing sales! 

Bottom line, that’s what we want. And surprisingly, you don’t need a big blog or a big presence to see income.

Love that!

Content Planning Calendar

This is one of my favorite guides (which isn’t really a guide at all!) It’s a 12-month content planner with guidelines for what content to plan and when.  

It’s all about thinking ahead to what major milestones, holidays, events, and seasons are coming up and planning your content around these things.

This is an at-a-glance guide where you can see what’s happening in a particular month and what you need to be planning for. 

Wrapping up, Jen gives tips for ways you can check Pinterest for popular and trending topics.

The Icing on the Cake – Let’s Talk Bonuses!

When you purchase Pinterest Success Strategies, in addition to your guides, you get access to Jennifer’s exclusive group boards (VALUE!) and her private Google Plus group. 

So right away, you can get started on growing your presence and getting your pins out there.

And in the G+ group, you have access to Jennifer herself as well as all of us “power pinners” who are learning, testing, tweaking, and profiting right along with you.

My Results and Final Recommendation

Pinterest is my second largest referrer behind Facebook. I see up to 30,000 views a day. I’m up to about 1,200 followers (which might seem low, but that number doesn’t matter as much as it used to thanks to group boards!)

Thanks to starting this review, I learned how I can better track what’s going on with my site like where my visitors are clicking, what links are popular, etc. Moving forward, I will continue to use what I’ve learned and will be focusing on a niche site that has been sorely neglected for a long time.

I wholeheartedly recommend this product! My only warning is that you need to be ready for some serious content.

Grab your copy of Pinterest Success Strategies and don’t you dare let it sit on your hard drive! Open it up, start reading, take notes, and implement. That is the only way you’ll see results.

The good news is, none of this is hard and it’s a lot of fun. 

If you want to get started with Pinterest or get more from your Pinterest marketing efforts, you’re not going to find a better product than this.

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2 thoughts on “She Got OVER 3 Million Viewers in ONE Day – My Results {So Far} Using Her Strategy!

  • July 9, 2017 at 2:37 AM

    Hi Julie,

    Thanks for a detailed, honest-to-goodness update on using Pot Pie Girl’s strategy for upping your Pinterest traffic.

    Loved it. 🙂

    So excited to follow through on my own and get some results happening. Yeah!

    Btw, you mentioned that Pinterest is SECOND to your number one source of traffic – facebook.

    If you don’t mind my asking, do you use FB ads for traffic, or is it solely free and engagement based?

    Thanks again.


    • July 10, 2017 at 12:36 PM

      Hey, Rebecca!

      Glad you liked the update!

      Everything I do is free. I might boost a post once in awhile, but I work my TAIL off to promote and socialize. Probably too much.

      I’ve begun rethinking my strategy and while I believe lots of manual promotion is important at first, the better strategy is “everything in moderation” and lots of amazing, keyword-focused content for a buyer’s audience.

      My time is definitely better spent creating content at this point but I’ll continue with free, manual promotion, too. 🙂

      Not to say paid ads/promotion doesn’t have a place. But since I don’t do that, I can’t speak from experience.

      ~ Julie


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