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Guest Blogging Opportunities on The Savvy Blogger

Are you looking for a guest blogging opportunity that will allow you to help more people and get your message out in a bigger way?  Then you’re in the right place.

The Savvy Blogger is all about helping female lifestyle and small business bloggers build better blogs by publishing content that is comprehensive, uplifting, and motivational.

And since building a supportive community here is part of that, I am opening up the opportunity to write for this site.

First, Let’s Talk “What’s In It For You”

Guest posts are an effective way to reach a larger audience, bring in more traffic, and get your message out in a larger way.  But the bigger picture is that you are part of a community that is providing massive value to an audience that appreciates what you have to say and takes action based on your advice.

Approved posts will be shared across Facebook – both on The Savvy Blogger page and Facebook group – and Pinterest, and will be included in the weekly newsletter (have you subscribed?) 🙂

Another great thing is, there aren’t many requirements to be a guest blogger on this site.

Our Guest Blogging Opportunity

What We Look For in a Guest Blogger and Posts

We are specifically looking for writers who want to share their success stories in regards to how they have built – or are building – their blogs.  How did you get your start and what success have you seen in terms of blog growth, blog community, traffic, and income?

That’s the general goal.

More specifically, we are looking for posts on starting a blog, writing kickass content, community-building, list-building and email marketing, social media marketing, monetization strategies, and blog growth methods – all for an audience that is bootstrapping their blog by creating their own content, designing their own graphics, and marketing all on their own.

We also welcome you to pitch an idea that is not included in this list.

We do have a minimum word count requirement – 500 words – but we do not require you to commit to any deadlines or regular contributions.

You’re post is probably a great fit if:

  • your submission is completely original, with a unique voice and perspective
  • your submission is not published anywhere else – duplicate content is a BIG no-no
  • your submission challenges a popular idea without being offensive or cruel
  • your submission is focused on solving a problem or meeting a need, providing value in a massive way
  • is not a sales pitch for your blog, product, or service

Here’s a great guide for creating an awesome guest post from Kissmetrics.

What to Expect if Your Submission is Approved

Expect an email within a day or two, letting you know that your submission has been approved and will be published on The Savvy Blogger.

As a “thank you” for your contribution, you will have to opportunity to include two links to your content – the first is a “dofollow” link to a complimentary page or post as part of the blog post you submit and the second is a “nofollow” link as part of your author bio.

You will also have the opportunity to be included as a featured contributor on the site (totally optional and you can choose to be included or not.)

Next Steps

If you’re excited about the opportunity to be a contributing author, fill out the form below, including a basic idea of what you would like to share on the site.

Thank you for your interest in writing for The Savvy Blogger!  I look forward to hearing from you.

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