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Can I Make Money with Affiliate Marketing - top tips from an expertCan I make money with affiliate marketing? This thought drifts through every new blogger’s mind. Sometimes it’s a chronic thought. It’s natural to wonder and doubt yourself, but I assure you…yes, you can!

The next thought is usually, “HOW?”

And while I recommend learning how by getting a blogging education, I also think it’s important to learn from others who are further along the path to success than we are.

In this interview, I get to sort of combine these two pieces of advice.

This week, I’m featuring Robin Cockrell of Pajama Affiliates, who’s been earning her income online since 2009. She took her knowledge and turned it into a thriving business, teaching people how to earn an income online with affiliate marketing.

Her classes are affordable and get results. I love promoting these courses because they deliver on their promises – these classes provide you with the tools, techniques, and education you need to start, grow, and monetize a blog. I can’t say enough about them.

Now that you have a little backstory, let’s turn it over to Robin!

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Can I make money with affiliate marketing - Pajama Affiliates interview with Robin

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1. What were your initial goals when you started and how have these goals changed over time?

I don’t set goals and never really have. Goal setting feels heavy and most things aren’t exactly in my control anyway. Setting a goal is like putting a cap on myself. Setting a goal is trying to control a particular outcome.

I release the need to control how my business unfolds. It’s much more fun this way and I feel lighter and when I am lighter and not rushing to get something done according to my “goal”, my creativity flows effortlessly.

Goal setting is a taught technique that I feel needs to be seriously questioned.

Key Insight #1

I appreciate an opinion that’s “counter-culture”. Meaning it questions the social norm. For the most part, goal setting is common practice. But like anything, it’s not for everyone. If you’re a goal-setter, could you let go of the control a little? How would that affect your productivity? Your business? 

2. Why did you choose blogging over other business models? How did you choose your niche and how did you know it was the right one?

I don’t remember choosing blogging. I just remember the thousands I lost in the beginning buying into the shiny object syndrome.

I discovered a product that I fell in love with and that helped me tremendously in my personal life. I researched it and discovered it was a product that I could also sell as an affiliate.

My research began into affiliate marketing and the rest is history.

Key Insight #2

It’s important to note here that Robin wasn’t asking, “Can I make money with affiliate marketing?” or “How much money can I make blogging?” She  jumped on an opportunity that would allow her to share what she loved. Affiliate marketing – done right – is really quite natural. It’s not just about the money – which can be very good – it’s about sharing your passion. When you love something, that energy comes through. And it doesn’t have to be just a product; you can love the niche you’re in so much, that it’s almost effortless to mention products and services your readers would find useful. 

3. What’s your personal philosophy regarding content? How do you know what your prospective customers are looking for? Where does this information come from? Do you write all content yourself or do you outsource?

I write most of my own content and some of it is written by a few guest bloggers. Write from the heart. I do some research with a keyword tool for starters.

For the most part, though, I just know my niche and know where people need help. Know your niche and creating content will be easy!

Key Insight #3

Know your niche and creating the content comes easy! If you go into business knowing your niche, you’re ahead in the game. However, if you pursue a niche you don’t know much about, you just need to research. Get involved in groups and communities where your potential readers are hanging out. Read through forums looking for questions people need answers for. And do what you can to experience your niche because you can then personalize your content, making it a truly unique experience for your audience.

4. Do you have any original tips or techniques for getting traffic and getting your readers to engage with you through your blog?

A lot depends on your niche. One size does not fit all. My Pajama Affiliates blog gets the majority of its traffic via Facebook. My Himalayan Salt site is 90% Google. Again, it’s about knowing your niche and your audience. What works for some will not work for all.

Key Insight #4

What works for some, may not work for others. This is what can stop bloggers from succeeding. Unfortunately, there is no single step-by-step path to successfully building an income online. Sure, there are courses that give you the education you need, but then it’s up to you to test and tweak things to see what works for you.

5. How long did it take to start earning income from your business? Is it a full-time income (replacing a job) or a part-time income? What would you say has been the reason for your success?

I have not had a job since 2009, though in the beginning, times were lean. I would say it was about 18 months before I supported myself fully with my blog. In other words, that’s about how long it took me to stop robbing Peter to pay Paul to get by.

The reason for my success? I am willing to learn new things. I invest in my personal growth and the growth of my business.

Key Insight #5

I want to stress that Robin has been able to succeed long-term. For many of us, it’s easy to keep our focus on the short-term – we’re thinking, “WHEN can I make money with affiliate marketing?” But when we look at the big picture, we can feel so much more at ease with what we need to do every day to succeed with our business. And 18 months? That’s a pretty doable length of time. Of course, each business is different, but taking the right actions – consistently – can get help you get to where you want to be.

6. How many different revenue streams do you have? Which ones perform best?

I have around 6 or so revenue streams. Selling my own products has been the most profitable for me.

Key Insight #6

Put simply but so well said. When thinking, “How can I make money with affiliate marketing,” you want to think about diversifying your income any way that fits with your business. Ads are a great source of passive income. As an affiliate, you can make a good deal of money recommending things you know and love. Services can be a nice way of supplementing your income, depending on your niche and if you want to work with others. And digital products can make you great money and assist in solidifying your expertise in your niche. Each type of monetization has it’s drawbacks, so only by testing will you figure out what is best for you. Read: Learn How to Monetize Your Blog

7. Do you use social media to promote your online business? If yes, which platform(s)? Has it had an impact?

Facebook is where my audience is. I just be me and let it be known what I do.

Key Insight #7

“Facebook is where my audience is.” <=== That statement has a key piece of information for you: you need to figure out where your audience is and be there. You will not know for sure where your audience hangs out until you do a little research and experience each social platform. Starting with the big ones – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram – you can then check out other social platforms and evaluate your results.

8. What has been your biggest challenge as an online business owner?

I am a procrastinator.

Key Insight #8

Procrastination is a pretty typical challenge for most of us. I know just this week I put off working when it just felt overwhelming. But you figure out a way to power through. One great read on this topic is Eat That Frog: 21 Ways to Stop Procrastination and Get More Done in Less Time – check it out!

9. What would your best advice be to someone just starting out looking to make $1,000 or more each month by blogging? What would be your advice to someone who is struggling to make money online with their blog?

Stop chasing the money and follow what you love.

Key Insight #9

That’s probably hard to read for some of you. You need to pay your bills or make rent and your paycheck only goes so far. Or you’re stuck in a job you hate (been there!) and you just can’t fathom working for anyone else anymore. Maybe you love what you do but you need to make an extra $1,000 a month (or more) to improve your quality of life, go on that dream vacation, or pay for your child’s college tuition. You’re wondering, “When can I make money with affiliate marketing?” I’m with you. But if you can step back and figure out what you really love to do – something you’d do even if you never made money doing it – you can take that information and find a niche that you not only love, but also results in a great income.

10. And finally…What do you enjoy most about being an online business owner? How has it impacted you, your family, and/or your life?

I love the connections to amazing people that have been made. I love watching others connect. I love the freedom that I have to live my life on my own time and terms.

Key Insight #10

Ahh, the freedom-based lifestyle. That’s a really big “WHY,” isn’t it? We want the money, we want to do what we love, we want to provide for ourselves and our loved ones, we want the cars and the trips…but what we’re really after is freedom – to live life on our own terms – and joy. Keep THAT vision front and center and the money will follow.


How Can I Make Money with Affiliate Marketing - Robin CockrellMy name is Carolina Robin, aka Robin Cockrell.  I’m an affiliate marketing coach and mentor making money online since 2009.

I run one of the largest affiliate marketing support groups on Facebook as well as teach.  I specialize in no-nonsense affiliate marketing programs for bloggers who want to earn money writing online.

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Can I Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

The answer is YES, you can make money by blogging about what you love (keeping your reader’s needs in mind, of course!) and recommending cool stuff to your readers. Of course, there’s more to it. You can’t simply start a blog and write about anything and everything. There is a strategy to all this – a foundation that needs to be set. Once it is, you can then test and tweak, trying things out, to see what gets you traffic, income, and best of all, a loyal following of raving fans.

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    Wow! This post is so helpful, thanks for writing it! As a new blogger, sometimes affiliate marketing can be a bit difficult to understand but this helps SO much!

    • April 28, 2017 at 7:40 AM

      I’m glad, Kelly! Affiliate marketing becomes second nature, eventually. The trick is getting visitors to convert, but practice makes perfect!

  • June 19, 2017 at 5:09 PM

    Another great interview.
    Freedom!! That’s the goal, Time freedom.
    I think everyone can relate to the shiny object syndrome,
    Thanks for sharing this.

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