How to Make a Profitable Blog – Reviewing “Bread and Butter Blogging”

How to Make a Profitable BlogWanting to know how to make a profitable blog is probably the number one intention you have. You don’t want to blog just for fun. You don’t want to simply journal and share pictures of your family and pets.

You want a business. You want income. And you want to be successful online.

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I get it. When I realized I could write about topics that would help people and make money doing it, all while loving every minute, I knew there wasn’t anything else I wanted to do…ever.

And here’s the thing: you can get yourself a domain and hosting and set yourself up on WordPress and teach yourself how to make a profitable blog. It’s all out there – for free – and a lot of it is on this blog.

So why do I bother recommending blogging courses? Because they give you an edge.

When you’re starting out – and maybe even if you’ve been blogging awhile – you don’t know what pieces of the puzzle you’re missing. You don’t know about choosing the right blogging niche. You don’t know about creating blog posts that actually make you money.

Yes, you can learn it all by teaching yourself, but you’re going spend a lot of time not only researching the information, but also trying to find reputable sources.

Blogging courses can save you time and cut the learning curve out altogether.

So when Eden approached me and offered me a complimentary spot in her Bread and Butter Blogging course, I said I’d be happy to check it out and review it here.

Of course, before accepting, I mentioned that I’m a tough reviewer and that I don’t hold back.

Eden welcomed the opportunity to have such a review and even requested I let her know exactly what I thought could be improved upon so she could, in her words, “boost the product and make it exceptional.”

With that kind of attitude, I have to say I was pleased and even eager to review her course. So let’s get to it!

The Sales Page

After a brief introduction, Eden asks a few targeted questions that should help readers self-select whether or not this course is a good fit.

The next section is a graphic that visually explains what the reader will get:

  • Over 45 lessons
  • workbooks
  • checklists
  • WordPress tutorials
  • other guides and instruction

Included in the package is “office hours” that students can use to get a bit of hand-holding, if needed.

The package seems quite comprehensive.

Next up are a couple of testimonials and screenshots of income earned before covering what’s included in more detail.

What’s Included?

  • 50+ lessons
  • Social media strategy packs
  • Courses on the “techie” stuff, guest posting, email marketing, monetization, social media, and more
  • Worksheets and checklists
  • What you need to know about SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Access to the instructor and a private Facebook group

At first glance, this seems pretty overwhelming, but if the course actually delivers a “beginning-to-profitable blog” education, it could be a good investment for new and struggling bloggers.

Eden offers readers a free sample lesson for signing up for her list, which is a nice way to get a taste of what’s offered.

The Curriculum

Here’s where we see in detail exactly what to expect from the course and, as I said before, it’s comprehensive.

While I don’t see anything new or unique, I do like that everything seems to be covered – nothing is more annoying than false promises and information that’s been left out of a training.

The section on guest posting is thorough and offers much more than the usual “post on blogs in your niche” advice.

Overall, it seems to be a solid blogging course for beginners.

The Buying Process

The buying process couldn’t be easier. You simply sign up, enter your contact and payment info, and you’re all set up, ready to learn how to make a profitable blog. You’ll be emailed the confirmation and login details and a welcome from Eden.

How to Make a Profitable Blog – My Thoughts So Far

Will “Bread and Butter Blogging” show you how to make a profitable blog? It seems to hit a lot of important points but I have my reservations. Namely, that it seems to be strictly for beginners and there are a number of blogging courses for beginners available.

However. 🙂

This looks like the perfect, easy-to-digest training for the novice, and Eden provides great worksheets and printables for bloggers who are not as profitable as they would like to be. None of the info is new but the curation and delivery of the info is what makes all the difference.

I’m a little concerned that I just don’t have the time to go through and implement the course as it should be implemented, but I’m going to give my best shot and am hoping to enjoy the course and maybe even learn a thing or two! I always love picking up those “gold nuggets” that can help me level up and you never know when you’re going to come across one!

You can purchase Bread and Butter Blogging here.

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