How to Make a Six-Figure Income as an Amazon Affiliate


how to make a six-figure income as an amazon affiliateIs it possible to make a six-figure income as an Amazon affiliate?  You bet it is!  And in this Masterclass, you’ll learn exactly how one blogger does it.

Now I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.  This is a lofty promise and it certainly is NOT something you can do in a month or six months.

Maybe after your first year.  That’s doable.

But your success will depend on how much work you put in and I believe this some of the best affiliate marketing training available.  Never forget that blogging takes work.  It’s fun, it’s pretty easy, but you have to put in the work to build a full-time income with your blog.

You should be off to a pretty good start if you’re taking action with my blogging series.  And you’ll be in even better shape if you’re taking my free course, Blog Posts That SELL! 

This class is the one to take after you’ve gotten a good foundation with my top pick for a budget-friendly affiliate marketing course for bloggers.  

So if you’re ready to level up and want an over-the-shoulder look at how a six-figure Amazon income earner does it, I encourage you to take a look at this course.

Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income

There are three parts to making a full-time income as a blogger: building high-value content, building relationships with your readers, and marketing your content.

If you do these things well, you will slowly (or not-so-slowly) grow your authority and income.

The tricky part is doing these well.  And I can tell you from experience that if you get the content part right and take an active interest in helping your readers, the rest takes care of itself.  Then, if you do choose to actively market and promote your content, you’ll boost the results you’re already getting.

See, it’s all about strategic blogging.  You’re going to get way better results if you treat your blog as a business.

That means you don’t just pick a niche because you like it; you do your homework and find a market you can help that’s hungry for your information.

You don’t just write any old post on any old topic; you find the keywords your market is using to search for information and incorporate those into your content – maybe even make them the title of your post.

And you don’t write your posts without thinking about the structure of your content; you learn where to place your keywords and affiliate links, learn how to monetize your blog well, and how to structure your content so that it converts.

This is all covered in the Affiliate Marketing for Amazon Masterclass.

Here’s what to expect:

  • An affordable affiliate marketing class when you’re ready to move past the basics
  • How to find keywords (you’re literally walked through this part and this will give you an edge over those that don’t use keyword-focused content!)
  • Where to place your affiliate links for maximum conversion
  • How to structure your content to please readers and search engines
  • How to create great post titles

…and this is just a sampling of what’s covered.

This quote sums up this course quite nicely:

We offer you an education and one on one support for however long it takes you to get to this point where your income is residual and comes in when you aren’t doing a thing.”


This is what being a full-time blogger is all about.

So if you’re looking to take your blogging education to the next level or want to see exactly what it takes to make six-figures as an affiliate marketer, sign up for this Masterclass now!

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