How to Start a Blog for Money

How to Start a Blog for MoneyWhen you’re researching how to start a blog for money, you mean business. You don’t want to start a hobby blog or have a blog just for sharing family photos and updates.

No, you want to make money.

*Just a heads up that this post contains affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase after clicking through, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.*

There are so many benefits to starting a blog for money:

  • Extra fun money
  • Extra money to pay bills
  • Money to pay for medical expenses
  • Money for college savings
  • Money to pay off credit cards and school loans
  • Money to pay for kids’ school necessities

And my favorite…money that can replace a full-time job!

How Can I Make Money Online from Home?

You want to know how to start a blog for money but you also might be asking, How can I make money online from home?”

You know blogging is the way to go. At least, that’s what you’ve heard.

You’ve probably stumbled across some kind of sales page, blog, website, or ebook promising some way to make money blogging from home.

I take it one step further and suggest you create a theme-based content site focused on a small, tight niche that solves some kind of problem for your readers. (<== THAT’S a mouthful!)

There are a number of ways to do this but my favorite is this way.

There are 5 steps to starting and growing a moneymaking blog:

  1. Choose the topic of your blog – also known as your niche.
  2. Choose a domain, purchase hosting, and install WordPress (I don’t recommend using free blog platforms like Blogger and Wix.)
  3. Create a plan for your content and start writing, focusing on solving problems for your audience. Make it ALL about them.
  4. Offer readers a way to sign up for your email list.
  5. Monetize your blog with your own products, affiliate products, ads, sponsorships, and more.

This is a very simple explanation because I want you to see how simple it really is.

But just about each step requires you to do things the right way.

And that’s where tools and training come in.

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The Right Stuff – Best Keyword Tool for SEO

As a newbie, you might not know why you need the best keyword tool for SEO.

You might not know what a keyword is (a word or phrase typed into a search engine) or what SEO stands for (search engine optimization.)

In a nutshell: you need people to see your blog content and to get those people to your site, you need to write about the words and phrases they’re searching for in a way that tells search engines that YOUR content is the best answer for the person doing the searching.

Taking it a step further, you need two things to accomplish this goal.

You need an easy to use keyword tool to find the right words and phrases and you need to know how to write a blog post.

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How to Make Money with a Blogging Strategy

You know what to do and what tool you need. Now let’s talk how to make money with a blogging strategy.

You can have a domain, niche, and pretty looking site but if you don’t know how to structure your site and write good content for your audience, you won’t make money.

I really don’t recommend trusting just any blogger to tell you how to start a blog for money. These days, every blogger has a page selling a blogging ebook or course – or they’re promoting someone else’s product as an affiliate.

Some of these are legit and others are a waste of time and money.

This is the ONLY blogging and affiliate marketing training course I recommend when you want to know how to start a blog for money because they don’t just tell you you’ll make money – they prove it. Their students and customers rave about the results they get and provide real testimonials with real numbers.

No hype.

And when you’re a member, you can chat with other students – the very same ones who have learned how to make money online from home!

How to Start a Blog for Money – Wrapping Up

It’s not just about getting started. Building a thriving online business takes drive, determination, a plan, and persistence.

You need to be willing to learn then act and keep moving forward. It’s much easier to keep going when you have a support system and a group of online entrepreneurs who know exactly what you’re going through is the very best way to get such support.

But let me know in the comments…where are you in your business-building journey? Are you planning to start or have you already begun? What’s your journey been like so far?

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