KDP Rapid Fire Self-Publishing System Review

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve started my low content publishing journey and one thing that’s held me up is the time it takes to enter the details of each and every book.

Even if you open new tabs, it’s still time-consuming.

Add in the fact that I typically have a baby on my lap as I’m uploading and typing one-handed, you can bet that if there were a system like KDP Rapid Fire that could cut down on my time invested, I’d try it.

Let me give you a backstory, though (and let you know that I received a review copy of KDP Rapid Fire and that this post contains affiliate links, so if you click through and make a purchase, I might get a commission…thanks for understanding and for supporting this site!)

✅ Already publishing low-content books and tired of spending time painstakingly entering book details one-by-one?
✅ Have manuscripts and covers created and ready to upload?
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The Backstory – Starting Out with Low-Content Publishing

Several weeks ago, I found out about low-content publishing and took this course. I realized immediately that I’d enjoy publishing books like this and that this business could be lucrative for me.

The course gave me access to a group on Facebook where I found a resource for another course and group that taught me how to publish low-content books with two tools – PowerPoint and Acrobat PRO (I don’t have the latter, so I use a free alternative.)

And in these two groups, I met Russ – another newbie like me who saw the potential of this business and wanted to get it built up and thriving. We got started about the same time and connected in the groups, sharing how we were doing and “talking shop.”

Well, good ol’ Russ – who has a background with tech and internet marketing – took it to a whole ‘nother level by creating a way to considerably cut down on the time it takes to enter the book details when we’re publishing to KDP Print.

And when I say “cut down” what I mean is go from spending a minimum of 5 minutes entering details and uploading to spending a few seconds!

To give you an idea of how this could be a game-changer, I have 7 paperbacks published, with 21 more waiting in the pipeline and Russ has published over 1300…in 3 weeks.  😯

🎥 Check out this short video where Russ talks about his experience and shows how the tool works.

Who KDP Rapid Fire Self-Publishing is For

KDP Rapid Fire is for those of us publishing a large quantity of low-content books. If you know nothing about low-content publishing (LCP) or don’t plan on publishing a large quantity of these books, you really don’t need this tool/system.

If you’re interested in learning about low-content publishing, I recommend three resources:

Journal Tsunami 2.0 – publish notebooks, journals, workbooks easy peasy with just PowerPoint and Acrobat PRO

Low Content Mastery – in-depth look at low-content publishing including over-the-shoulder training videos, a look at profitable niches, and freebies to get you started TODAY.

AMZ Scout – this tool lets you research niches AT A GLANCE and gives you the details needed to evaluate a niche and profit potential all in one easy to find spot. I LOVE it!

What to Expect – The Sales Page and Course Dashboard

I usually do a review of the sales page but Russ has created a very simple, non-salesy sales page for this video training.

You can immediately watch a short video about how the system works and see it in action.

There’s a countdown timer because the price is going up in a couple of days, so if you think this tool is for you, you can save $30 by getting it now rather than later.

And at the bottom of the short sales page is a brief intro to Russ and a few details about his experience and what to expect from the system.

Once you access your account, you’ll access the training from your dashboard, which shows you how to get started. You’ll immediately find an overview of the video training, and each video is pretty short. You can go through the course in less than an hour.

🎥 Video 1 – Introduction: 2:20
🎥 Video 2 – Recommended programs: 5:17
🎥 Video 3 – Getting organized: 3:53
🎥 Video 4 – Automation: 8:57
🎥 Video 5 – Posting to KDP: 12:42
🎥 Video 6 – Finishing off: 7:04

My Thoughts on the KDP Rapid Fire Training

You can publish a quality low content book in about a minute.

Think about that. What could you do in an hour? A day?

Russ has streamlined the process so much, that I can pull off this side hustle as a work at home mom with very little time to myself.

The over-the-shoulder videos – which include a tour of how Russ organizes his folders and files to stay organized – walk you through the process.

And Russ is good about responding to comments, so if you have questions, all you have to do is ask.

The videos are short but cover the material well. Everything considered this is a stellar product.==>

==> Read more about my venture into publishing low-content books!

Wrapping Up – Final Thoughts

Low-content publishing is a fantastic side gig for me right now. It would be a great side gig whether you’re blogging or NOT.

If you are just getting started – or thinking about getting started – in this business, I recommend learning how to easily create journals with PowerPoint and that you use this tool to research your niches and keywords. Once you have these, you’re ready for the next step, which is automating with KDP Rapid Fire.

And if you’ve already started publishing but want to streamline and speed up the process, you can’t go wrong with the KDP Rapid Fire Self-Publishing System.

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