Killer Pinterest Tips from Top Bloggers

6 killer money-making pinterest tips from top bloggersPinterest.  Everyone is talking about it.  And even though it’s been around for ages now, it is the place to be for bloggers.

After all, it’s not just for wish lists and saving items for later – it’s a search engine second only to Google.

Think about that for a minute because it’s kind of a big deal.

What that means is that if you’re not actively marketing your blog on Pinterest – strategically – you’re missing out on traffic and income.

Now, I know you’re probably on Pinterest and that you probably have a business account.  Maybe you’re even pinning images from your blog.  But are you seeing results?  If you’re like me, maybe you were overwhelmed at how much it seems we have to do.

Doing Pinterest strategically can be overwhelming, frustrating, and downright confusing!

So here’s what I did.

I reached out to some very cool bloggers and asked them…

“What is your strategy for getting good traffic and sales from Pinterest?”

That’s what I wanted to know.

How they did it.

I wanted to know what their experience was and to figure out how I could apply that experience in my own business.

Now I get to share these fantastic tips with you.

So give yourself a few minutes, fix yourself a beverage, and settle in to read what these 6 bloggers have to say about getting traffic and sales from Pinterest.


Pinterest Tips from Top Bloggers - AdrianaAdriana Copaceanu | My Online Business Journey

One of the best ways I get traffic from Pinterest is using the power of group boards.

Most bloggers look on for group boards to join, and that’s a good start. But if you do what everyone else does, you’ll miss out on better opportunities. I take about an hour a week to discover and apply to new group boards in my niche.

My Pinterest traffic exploded when I started pinning to group boards.

It doesn’t really matter how small your following is if you are part of a few active, quality group boards because as Pinterest Tips from Top Bloggers - Adriana's Tipyou pin to the group, all the group followers have a chance to not only see your pin, but also re-pin it to their boards, giving you even more opportunities to be seen.

Here’s how I find group boards to join: 

I look at my competitor’s Pinterest account and find out what group boards they belong to. I then look to make sure those group boards are a good fit for me, and if so, I follow the group blog owner and request inclusion.

It’s as simple as that.

Some group boards have very specific instructions to request inclusion to the board, but others don’t. I never let that keep me from requesting to be added. I usually go and find their website and contact them through there.

Then, once I get invited, I follow the group board rules and pin my best pins. I always use the proper image sizes, and always add a good, keyword-rich description to my pins.

One last thing: I make sure to pin other people’s pins from the group board to my own boards, keeping the pins flowing and the traffic growing.


Connect with Adriana!

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Pinterest Tips from Top Bloggers - Julie Syl

Julie Syl | Author – The Ultimate Pinterest Roadmap

First of all, thank you, Julie for considering me as part of your Pinterest expert round up! Such an honour. And because I respect your audiences’ time, I am gonna skip the small talk and jump right in.


Traffic & Sales from Pinterest!

Where do I start!  In order to get any kind of traffic, let alone traffic from Pinterest, you have to Set up right and BELIEVE you will get said traffic.

Allow me to expand on this. Everything we see started with a thought! Heck the world was created with a diviPinterest Tips from Top Bloggers - Julie's Tipne Thought/Word. So, what we believe and think we are, that is what we get! Now, you may be thinking this is waaay off base. NO, it isn’t. If you approach your traffic getting and sales from Pinterest like many marketers I see, i.e.

“…I gotta check my Facebook news feed first, what’s on Netflix…I don’t really do recipes, memes, nor am I a fashionista! I pinned my image last week and not one single re-pin! What’s with this Pinterest anyway?”

Well, you will get nada traffic from Pinterest with that attitude!

Here is what I did and do.

Once I got out of my way, I rebooted my strategy with the end result in mind. What daily blog views, opt-ins and sales do I want from Pinterest? Can we say infinite…K.I.S.S.

I focused on WHY should I leverage Pinterest:

  • Who Am I serving?
  • How are others creating success with it?
  • Can I duplicate their actions?


Then I focused on the How & What.

  • The quality of optimized keyword-rich content we put out.
  • How often we post.
  • Quality of images I use to anchor that content.
  • The quality of lead magnets we attach to the images, all these pointing to our blogs & offers!


Action Steps:

  • I created 5 niche-focused search engine optimized boards where we Pin only our content.
  • I pin a lot of other people’s content 60/40 ratio to other boards. The Law of Reciprocity works.
  • I repin our posts at least once a week, refreshing our older content and driving new eyeballs to them.
  • Automation & killer analytics/tracking of the process via a resource called Tailwind.
  • I build the trust factor via our posts and follow up sequence and we get targeted leads who ultimately choose to buy!

Thank you for giving me this opportunity and I wish you every blessing!


 Connect with Julie!

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Pinterest Tips from Top Bloggers - AshleyAshley Freligh | Spitups and Situps

Creating image list graphics for Pinterest of products parents in my niche NEED has worked for me.  I use these image list graphics on Pinterest to drive my affiliate sales.

This technique is really popular for Holiday Gift Giving Guides, but Pinterest users are searching for more than just holiday gifts to buy. They’re looking for things to help them get by every day or to solve an issue.  In my niche, a parent may be looking for items they need to put on their baby registry or what products they need for a successful breastfeeding relationship.

I’ve really honed in on what parents are looking for and created image list graphics for Pinterest to engage the Pinterest Tips from Top Bloggers - Ashley's Tipusers and get click-throughs to my site.  My Amazon affiliate sales have skyrocketed since I’ve begun recommending specific products that I stand by and use to my audience.

Pinterest shows them what items look like, but your blog is what engages them and makes the reader feel the need to purchase the product.

When crafting your blog post, make sure your list in your blog includes MORE items than on the actual image for Pinterest.  Why click through if all the items are on the graphic? Also, use ODD numbers – 13 items versus 10 as an example. I learned this from The Blog Millionaire and it is a small but incredibly effective piece of advice to follow. On your image, include a handful of the must have items with the headline of how many products can actually be found in your list.

Make the image list graphics clean! Nothing grinds my gears more than seeing a graphic that looks rushed. Take your time and make it perfect.

Make sure imagery is balanced and spacing is equal around all images. Attention to detail is so important when you want to be the go-to person in your niche.  Use a white background, and make your Pinterest image list graphic long. The ideal dimensions for a Pinterest graphic are 735px x 1102px, but I go 735px x 1500px for my image list graphics.


Connect with Ashley!

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 Pinterest Tips from Top Bloggers - AyshaAysha Iqbal | Unlimited Income Now

I should say that 2016 was the best year for me when it comes to  Pinterest marketing.

Not only did I find myself improving in this region, but I finally am on my way to fully utilizing its benefits.

Here are some tips on how I managed to do that.

Keep pinning!

When I first started on Pinterest I used to simply pin here and there and I was never consistent. That Pinterest Tips from Top Bloggers - Aysha's Tipis the biggest mistake you can do if you intend to market on Pinterest with success. Now, with help from an automated tool such as Tailwind, I actually have more than 20 to 30 pins from my site going on every day.

That is the key to success in Pinterest marketing – you have to pin every day and you have to pin a lot. And you don’t stop at just pinning your work. You Repin from others too! You don’t want to spam Pinterest. You help others while you are working for your work too!

The other thing to note is if you are fully utilizing all your boards – individual and group boards.

Are all your pins in all their relevant boards? This would be hard to monitor unless you used some sort of an automated tool! Honestly, Tailwind is my Pinterest superhero!


Remember Pinterest is a Search Engine

Pinterest is more than a social media outlet. It is a search engine. Your pins can actually show up on search engine results and on your viewer’s Pinterest wall and then when searching for something. So make sure they find you!

Have engaging titles for your pins. Be sure your pin images have your strong keyword as the file name and as an alt tag. Make sure you have a good description filled with relevant keywords added in naturally.

Fully make use the awesome features Pinterest provides you with.


Group Boards

My final tip for today would be join group boards relevant to your niche, play nice on them and use them. Group boards are a great way to reach another section of your target market that you may not have seen otherwise. It brings a whole new audience for your pin and therefore your website.

I hope these Pinterest tips can help you get more traffic and sales to your website. If you play nice and work well on the field, Pinterest is a power tool that can bring you traffic and sales for a long time to come.


Connect with Aysha!

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Renee Pinterest tips from top bloggers

Renee Walton | Women in Business Networking Club

This is a great question.  One that I had to ponder on for a few days before coming up with my answer, which is “…my Pinterest strategy is embracing the idea that I actually now need a strategy.”

The funny thing about Pinterest is that I have been thoroughly enjoying this platform since Pinterest Tips from Top Bloggers - Renee's Tipits launch in 2009. I was extremely attracted to their tagline “a catalog of ideas”. Pinterest was designed for creatives; a refreshing change from the social media marketing movement on Facebook and Twitter.  We created visuals of our passion and wishful thoughts.  Back then the only Pinterest strategy was manifesting luxury home décor, fashion, crafty projects, and delectable recipes into our reality.

In 2012, one of my passion projects was jewelry designed with Swarovski crystals.  I created a board for my jewelry blog.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing branded.  Just pins from my blog.  After about 3 months, I noticed that my blog was getting quite a bit of traffic and my Google and Alexa ranking had exceeded another site I had owned for over 5 years.  What?  The only online marketing that I did was pin to a Pinterest board twice a week.

Since then, I have incorporated a Pinterest strategy of resetting my account to a business profile, rebranding my projects to include keywords, and adding the “pin worthy” sized graphics of 800px X 1200px to my blog posts.

I have heard online business owners say to themselves “I’ve been pinning for years.  I have a ton of followers.  I do not need a Pinterest strategy.”  Well, I was one of those business owners and now I say that if anyone is choosing to build a profitable business online, they should at the very least embrace the idea of a thoughtful strategy to pinning services and products.


Connect with Renee!

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Pinterest Tips from Top Bloggers - Erica
Erica Stone | Extreme Reviewer

As an Amazon affiliate marketer, I LOVE Pinterest for traffic.  It’s a place where people collect ideas and inspiration for things they want to buy, try, make, or save for later.  Pinterest members expect to see products so, if you’re trying to sell something, it’s hard to find a more ready audience.

In many cases, though, if you can’t get Pinterest members to click the link for a pin and visit your site, you can’t make a sale (or get a sign-up or gain a new fan) so getting clicks is extremely important and your main tool for getting clicks is the image you pin from your site.

One tip for great traffic is to use text on an image.  Not just any text – teaser text.  You must advertise something Pinterest Tips from Top Bloggers - Erica's Tipso wonderful with your text that people will want to click to see what’s in the post.  If you give everything away in the photo, there’s no reason to click.  If you don’t give enough information in the photo, you’ll miss your target audience.  It’s a fine balance.

To come up with great text for your Pinterest photos, read through your post.  Figure out the one thing people are really going to gain from that post.  If you have a post about the hottest toys for infants this holiday season, you don’t want to list those toys on your image.  Instead, you want to say something like, “Save time and frustration – the real scoop on the hottest infant toys for 2017”.

Anyone who is in the market for the hottest toys now knows that you have a post about the hottest toys and that they can benefit by reading through your post by saving time – reasons to click the link!

Practice getting the text right on your images and you’ll see much better click rates on your pins.  If you struggle with this, use the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to help you find the perfect phrasing.

Next, accelerate your results by gaining followers.  That’s easier to do on Pinterest than on Facebook.

The best way to do this is by following people who are interested in topics related to your niche AND who have been recently active on Pinterest.  Because of the way Pinterest is structured, you can see everything a member has pinned.  Click the pin at the top of their list of pins, look at how long ago it was pinned and you have an instant answer for whether or not that person has been recently active on Pinterest.

Following people who haven’t pinned in months isn’t going to be as effective as getting to those folks who were on Pinterest in the past week.

Top that off by building quality boards with links to great sites, relevant information, beautiful images and you’ll be set to get traffic from Pinterest.


Connect with Erica!

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 Wrapping Up and a Word about Automation

That just about wraps it up. I love that these ladies took the time to share truly actionable tips – you could focus on each one’s suggestions, draw out the action steps, and create a custom plan for implementation…because nothing happens unless you implement!

Start here with what you’ve learned and when you’re ready to level up or if you just need more instruction, I have a couple of resources for you.

First, I recommend PinPlosion as an affordable, easy-to-read, easy-to-implement course for growing traffic – and income! – with Pinterest. If you have 30 minutes a day, you can see results!

I’m using PinPlosion in addition to another strategy, one that’s a little more comprehensive and works well as a supplement to what I’m already doing – you can read about that here.

Now you’ve probably heard a LOT about automating your pinning.  It can be a real timesaver, for sure. The most prominent pinning tools available right now are Tailwind and BoardBooster. Each one will allow you to schedule your pins to post ’round-the-clock, which means that your content is working for you all the time. They can be used together, too, so you can boost your pinning power.

These are great options, definitely, but please use caution and use these tools as a supplement to your manual pinning. This will help ensure that you’re not spamming your boards or group boards and you’ll be keepin’ it real by maintaining a manual pinning strategy – which your followers will appreciate, they want to know there’s a real person behind the account they’re following!

If you like, you can come check me out on Pinterest – I love connecting with my readers there.

And if you’re using Pinterest as part of your blog marketing strategy, let me know in the comments how that’s working for you! I’d love to hear what’s working, what’s not…anything!


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      Thanks Kseniya! I’ve been using is sort of “just for fun” even when it came to sharing my posts. When I started getting strategic, it paid off.

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    Wow very helpful list! I like how you gave us ways to connect as well. I think its awesome that you are giving them credit for their work.

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      Thanks Mihaela! Of course! These ladies are definitely ones to follow!

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    Learning and improving my Pinterest Page now with Erica Stone’s PinPlosion and the tips are easy to implement. Her tip to “practice getting the text right on your images and you’ll see much better click rates on your pins ” is a helpful tip as I’ve been messy with my images. Adding that teaser text gives it an added bait for greater ctr. Great overall tips from everyone, thanks all… learned at least one tip from you to add to my Pinterest how to arsenal. Much thanks to Erica Stone for referring me to thesavvyblogger… requested to join this blog’s FB blogger group as I’m building a website now and will add a blog component to it, so networking with other bloggers would be ideal. Thanks Julie.

    • December 20, 2016 at 1:10 PM

      Love this! I’m using PinPlosion and LOVE it! And yes, you get the image right and you’ll see lots of pins, repins, and traffic. I’ll see you on Facebook! 😉

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    Awesome tips and new tricks for me.
    Many thanks

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      Hope you get lots of new Pinterest traffic! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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    Thanks Julie for this awesome resource, and for featuring my response to how to Leverage Pinterest for traffic and your business growth. The bottom line is one’s success on Pinterest and anywhere else depends on their mindset, goals, focus and intentional actions!

    The Test of a Pin effectiveness is in the energy you use to create that image and thus the text you will use. It of course must be optimized and each and everyone of the top bloggers have said the same. This is a great resource ad I have learnt a killer tip too about optimizing the text on the image. Cool beans! Thanks for the mention, real appreciated. 🙂

    ~Julie Syl

    • December 21, 2016 at 10:07 AM

      I love what you say here, Julie: “The bottom line is one’s success on Pinterest and anywhere else depends on their mindset, goals, focus and intentional actions!”

      It was a pleasure to have you contribute! Thank you, again!

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      Thanks Julie for sharing this great post. Many of us are always seeking ways to make our blogs a success.

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        Thanks for checking out the post Claudette! 🙂


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