Real-Time Case Study and Review of SBI! for WP

Earlier this week, I bought this massive online business resource that had 65 products from leaders in the blogging and internet marketing industry. It was super cheap and was valued at over $1,000.

I missed out on the deal last year and was bummed when I learned about what all I was missing, so this year, I kept an eye out for the offer and bought in pretty quick.

I knew I wanted several things already because some of my #bloggerbffs had products in the BC Stack but what I wasn’t expecting was one of the BONUS OFFERS…SBI! for WordPress.

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The Backstory

Build a money-making blog - you can't fail if you never quit!

In 2009, I got my start online with SBI! (formerly Site Build It!) – a sort of “business in a box” that was an all-in-one resource for hosting, site building, keyword research, etc. and it offered a host of tools and support to help you build an online business with a content-based-theme-website.

#EPICFAIL. The product didn’t fail me. The tools didn’t fail me. I made bad choices and kind of went my own way and it didn’t work.

So I launched another site with SBI! and that did result in success. I saw money from Adsense and affiliates and loved what I wrote about. I learned how to write a blog post that my visitors and search engines loved. I learned how to build a business, not just a blog.

Fast-forward many years.

That site no longer exists and during this time, I’ve experimented with blogging and internet marketing in all sorts of ways. I’ve tried different blogging platforms, different hosting providers, different strategies, different tools.

I’ve figured out what works for me and I’ve found some amazing resources that actually deliver on their promises and help people make money with an online business, all of which I talk about on this blog.

To this day, one of the best resources I’ve ever come across is SBI! and as it turns out, a 6-month subscription for SBI! for WP was one of the bonuses in the BC Stack!

What’s This Case Study All About?

As soon as I saw this bonus offer, I realized I had a very unique opportunity…

I could start a WordPress site from scratch, and use my 6 months with SBI! for WP to do a real-life case study, sharing everything on this blog.

I know how much I appreciate learning from those doing what they teach and this gives me a channel for being that kind of leader.

Now, I believe that when you’re in a high vibe state with the right mindset, you have access to creativity and inspiration on a totally different level and it’s this state of mind that inspired the specific niche I’ve chosen.

SBI for WP review - inspiration struck
Source: cOKreated

I did a bit of research and it’s in-demand with not too much competition; one that I could easily “win” and one in which  I can establish myself as a leader.

This is all based on the guidelines in the SBI! for WP action guide, which I’ll talk more about in my next post and as I implement.

So the plan is to get a new domain name, attach it to my hosting (I can’t recommend this hosting provider enough!), and walk step-by-step through the SBI! for WordPress process. As I do, I will share what I do (without giving away anything proprietary) and how it works for me.

I’m subscribed for 6 months and after that, I’ll re-evaluate and see how I’m doing, how the site is doing, and decide whether or not I will continue with SBI! for WP.

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Save 33% on SBI! for WP or a full SBI! Subscription!

Wrapping Up

This review and case study will be made up of several posts. As I finish each one, I will link it here for easy navigation.

I have high hopes and am eager to start building. I clearly remember my early days and it was a happy time. I look forward to getting back in the forums. I look forward to reading the strategy guides (there’s a PINTEREST ACTION GUIDE!!!), and I look forward to what I can do with this resource at my fingertips.

I hope you’ll have fun following along on my journey!  🙂

Are you an SBI! for WP user? Have any questions about the case study? Let me know more in the comments!

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