SBI! for WordPress Action Guide Day 1

After a pretty short introduction “chapter,” it’s time to move on to the SBI! for WordPress Action Guide Day 1. Keep in mind that the “days” in this guide are really steps – we’re encouraged to take as long as we need to go through each day thoroughly and do everything properly.

==> If you need to catch up, here’s part 1 and part 2 of the full SBI! for WP review.

I’ll be keeping this post in a draft as I read and implement, so you’re getting some real-time thoughts and experience here!

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SBI! for WP Day 1 – The 6 Steps

SBI! for WP Review - 6 Steps to take before you start a blogA brief overview of the goals sets you up for Day 1. There are 6 steps that go over the basics of getting started.

Step 1. The action step here is to scan Days 1-5 and to print out and scan the business-building checklist (score!) There’s a lot to do, but it’s not overwhelming and I LOVE that I can check off each item as I do it – looking forward to that sense of accomplishment (I’ve already gotten to check off a couple of tasks!)

Step 2. This is all about building the right foundation. I particularly appreciate the visual aspect of the online guide. This step starts off with an infographic that clearly and simply explains just exactly what the foundation of a successful online business is.

While the information here is very easy to read and digest, I particularly like that there is a mention about the work that it takes to do things right. We are not just starting a blog on a whim, this is about building a successful business from the very beginning.

The high-level overview here is great and for those of us who want a little more information, we’re referred to another page that talks more in-depth about each best practice shared in this step.

I particularly appreciate how the guide touches on building one sustainable business. One that provides a solid and consistent income, which can grow over time.

Step 3. Are you selling? Or are you preselling? This step is about knowing the difference and how each one applies to your business.

Step 4. In step 4, you’re going to learn about the SBI! forums and community – one of the best resources online for getting help and advice. You’ll meet other solopreneurs, like yourself, who are building theme-based content sites that make a good income. I know from past experience that what you’ll find here is priceless.

Step 5. This step is about getting the traffic snowball rolling by tapping into the community and network you already have. For some, you’ll want to skip this for one reason or another and for others, you won’t have a network to tap into. I’m a little bit of both, so I blew past this but it’s still valuable information that can help you grow a little quicker when you’re starting from scratch.

Step 6. The last step in Day 1 is just a few tweaks to your security information and you’re all set!

I’ve Completed Day 1 -Now What?

Now it’s time to start researching potential niches for your theme-based content site. This is a very in-depth process. You will not be choosing something you’re knowledgeable and/or passionate about without seeing if it’s a viable option for making a decent income.

And everyone’s perception of success will be different, so for some of us, a smaller, “nichier” site will work while others who have more time/money can think bigger and go for a broader niche.

I have some ideas in mind and we’ll see how they pan out. I hope you’ll keep following me on the journey!

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