Self-Doubt and How I’m Normalizing | Overpriced Blogging Training

Some of you know that I was having a mini-meltdown this week – overwhelming feelings of self-doubt – which totally paralyzed me.  I didn’t get any new content published. Funny enough, I DID start 3 posts, so looking on the bright side, I will have those up today or tomorrow.

Slowly but surely and faster than ever, I’m pulling out of the funk. I had a heart-to-heart with a friend who knocked some sense into me and a new blogger BFF gave me some words of encouragement.  Not to mention that my fabulous mastermind buddies were able to cheer me up. It also helps that my sister and bestie can just listen when I need her to but also give guidance when I need it.

I’m pretty dang lucky to have such a great support network.

I don’t wallow in these feelings for long anymore. When you commit to making these setbacks temporary, every experience gets easier and easier and you move out of them faster and faster.

So as I get back to my normal, take action self, my plan is to get the post drafts I started published. The goal for that is by tomorrow night. Doable.

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. - Eleanor Roosevelt

Next, I’m going to add some content to one of my niche sites and get ready to launch a new one. I don’t share the niche but I will be sharing the journey here. The plan is to get these two sites “summer ready” and hopefully, I’ll be seeing some nice income from them.

If you’re curious about how I create and grow niche affiliate sites, I use this strategy as the foundation and I supplement with the methods taught in these courses. For every…single…site.  And you won’t spend hundreds of dollars on them, either. Which brings me to my next point…

Overpriced Blogging Training

This is a real sore spot for me and this probably isn’t the last time I’ll vent about it, but it drives me up the wall to see these courses going for $200+ and some I’ve seen for over $500. Then you get into the heavy-hitting small business trainings that cost thousands. The problem isn’t the quality so much – you gotta be able to DELIVER if you’re going to charge that much (unless you don’t plan on lasting long to begin with) – but that the people who need this training the most can hardly afford that kind of money.

They’ve got kids. They’ve got bills.

And yes, you can make the point that if someone is serious, they will find the money. But I think of myself and how serious I would be and I would have a hard time finding that money.

Now, $200 isn’t a lot of money if you’re getting enough value. But even this blogger’s business bundle isn’t that expensive and it covers everything. You could literally start with knowing nothing and use this training to make enough money to replace a job.

But then, I see bloggers promoting $500+ training programs and it just rubs me the wrong way! And see, because they’re an affiliate, they probably make 30%-50%. No wonder they’re touting these products as “the only way to go.”

It just feels icky to me. Especially when I know from experience that something just as good, or better, is available for a fifth of the costor WAY less.

So I’ll keep sharing what I share and keep on swimmin’ along. I’ll remember that I’m helping people find affordable blogging training and that the ones who need it will find me one way or another. I’ll remember that I don’t really know what people have gone through and that what works for one may not work for another, so it’s okay if the courses I share aren’t a fit for you and the pricier ones are (but I’ll stick to promoting the ones I feel good about.)

Heck, maybe one day, I’ll be the one promoting a course on blogging or affiliate marketing that costs hundreds of dollars because it’s just that good.


Doubt it. 🙂

What’s Next?

Now that I’ve sufficiently vented and you’ve had a peek into the crazy, time to focus on some good vibes.

I’m excited about getting some new content up here. And I’m really excited about my niche sites.

have to put blinders on.

No more reading income reports that are probably made up. I’m just as susceptible as you – I get hooked on a post that promises to deliver on, “How I made $1,000 in my second month of blogging and how you can, too!” Or more likely, “How I made $20,000 blogging after only 18 months.”

First, most people are including services and sponsored posts, which isn’t how I roll, so it doesn’t apply and isn’t the same story for me.

Second, people can say anything online so I’m skeptical. But it sure makes for entertaining – and time draining – reads!

Time to cut the amount of time I spend on social media – and it’s time to make it social again, so you’ll see some more fun stuff from me there, too.  Maybe even Facebook Live! No real plan, but it needs to be more fun. More social, less promotional. 

I’m off to do some housecleaning, but let me hear your thoughts in the comments!

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