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Azon Breeze by Erica Stone - DFY Blog More InfoI know things have been quiet here and that’s because I’ve FINALLY decided to give some love to my niche sites. My goal is to build one out to at least 100 pages/posts and another to at least 50 pages/posts by the end of 2017.

That’s doable, but I will be creating content for these daily, which means that my schedule will shift.

So the plan for this blog is posting 1-2 times a week, continuing to share what I’m doing, what’s working, what’s not, and what my results are.

What AM I doing, you ask?

The same thing I do here – creating helpful, unique content that includes recommendations for products that provide the solutions my reader is actively looking for.

That’s how you build any site! The trick is knowing how to do each step of the process. When you choose the right niche, set up the tech stuff, and learn how to create content that attracts readers who trust you enough to buy based on your recommendations, you’ve got the business part down.

The struggle comes in all the different ways you can do these things. How do you choose a niche? How do you set up your site the right way? How do you create content and what the heck do you write?!?

And when you do have the answers to these questions, how do you know you’re doing it right?

My girl Erica came out with a product/service hybrid that helps with all of this. It’s not coaching, it’s not an ebook. It’s a little bit of both, actually, and provides you with a shortcut for building a site that promotes Amazon products.

It’s kind of like training wheels for affiliate marketers, so if you’re brand-new or struggling to see income as an affiliate, this opportunity could be right up your alley. However, even if you’ve succeeded at building an income with your blog, you can use this opportunity to jumpstart a second site…and a second income!

Here’s what I like:

  • ALL the WordPress stuff is done for you – affiliate tracking, files, theme, plugins…even SEO!
  • Blog post prompts are BUILT INTO YOUR SITE, so you just plug in your content.
  • 5 types of posts can be written in just a few minutes – single product posts, multiple product posts, list posts, how-to posts, and review posts.
  • Niche ideas that are ideal for this type of site.
  • Keyword research instruction and how to establish your site as an authority by combining post types.

Erica says…

Azon Breeze by Erica Stone - Amazon affiliate blog jump start

This isn’t for you if you have an established blog, are making good money, and have no interest in diversifying your business. If this is the case, keep doing what you’re doing – growing content and leveling up.

This is for you if you’re brand new with no blog or if you’re struggling to see a solid income from your site. If you already have a blog, this will work for you but the custom coding only works with a particular theme and you’d probably need to make a change, so keep that in mind.

Now, this is just a head start. You’re getting the proper foundation of a profitable online business. And often, the hard part about blogging is knowing what to blog about. This solves that problem!

The Ultimate Amazon Affiliate Blogging Package

 Jump start your business with AZON BreezeGet Info Supplement your skills – includes 10 more blog post templates!Get Info Use the same techniques that makes one blogger $500 a MONTH from ONE BLOG POST!Get Info

If you want to build a solid income as an Amazon affiliate, these are my favorite strategy guides to learn exactly what to do. AZON Breeze will get you started with the right foundation and no-brainer ways to create your posts.

To level up, add in Simple 60, which is a solid blogging training, but more importantly, provides you with 10 more blog post styles and templates.

Then, I HIGHLY recommend Niche Post Conversion StrategiesI write about it here – where you learn tips, techniques, and tweaks for getting your posts to convert better (with the example of how ONE BLOG POST can earn $500+ every month!)

This is what I’m doing for my sites. I’m looking forward to sharing my progress over the next few months. It’s exciting to build an income online, isn’t it? Hopefully, I’ll have amazing results to report come 2018!

Amazon Affiliate Marketing made easy - no brainer AZON Breeze!

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