5 Simple Tips on How to Write a Good Blog Post

Tips on How to Write a Good Blog Post

Today I thought I’d share some tips on how to write a good blog post – one that converts.  You’ve worked so hard to create your content and promote it, but if your blog post doesn’t convert – “convert” meaning your reader becomes a buyer – you’re wasting your time.

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I am truly sorry if that sounds harsh, but I see it all the time…good, hardworking bloggers writing posts and never seeing a single sale.  Or worse, they don’t even see traffic – it’s like they’re writing to crickets.

I want better for you.  I want you to build a site that serves your reader and makes you great money, and one of the skills you need to master is how to create a good blog post.  And to do that, you need to know what it takes.

Here are 5 simple tips on how to write a good blog post that your readers will love.

Know Your Reader

Do you know who your reader is?  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that anyone who happens to land on your blog is your reader.  What I mean is that you want to target your ideal reader.  Who do you want to reach with your content?  Who are you helping?

Next, you want to ask yourself, “What’s in it for them?”  Because that is the first thing they’re thinking when they land on your site.  If you can’t capture them in the first 3-or-so seconds, you’ve lost them.

Intimidating, isn’t it?  That’s why you want to refine what and how you write blog posts.

Now, we’re going to make sure you’re giving your reader what they are looking for.  This is known as “search intent.”  When a reader searches for information and lands on your blog post, be certain you are answering their query to the best of your ability.

Ask yourself, “If I were my reader and was searching for this, what would I want to know?”  Then, answer the question with your content.

Ultimately, you are solving a problem for your visitor – easing their pain, in a way.  Doing this builds trust and a relationship.

Here’s an example: when you write a blog post about a recipe for chicken noodle soup, sure, provide the recipe – but also share about why you’re giving this recipe.  Do you have a personal story you can relate to this particular meal?  Oh, and maybe you can recommend the kitchen tools you use to make this recipe.

Do you see how you can be genuinely helpful and still fold in monetization like affiliate products?  That’s a win-win.  Here’s a strategy that can help you figure out exactly what kind of content to write to increase your income.

Write Compelling Blog Post Titles

The title of your post is a multi-tasker.  It needs to contain your main keyword, possibly a secondary keyword if you’re using a keyword-combo, and it needs to hook your reader in seconds.

If you can play on your potential visitor’s curiosity, you’re on the right track – curiosity goes a long way toward attracting readers.

Think about it.  Aren’t there headlines that, even if you’re NOT interested, you’ll follow because you can’t help it?  That’s the kind of headline you want to create.

Here’s a tip-within-a-tip for you: take a trip to your local supermarket or library and study the headlines of the magazines.  You’ll get an idea of what good, catchy headlines look like.

Use Subheadings, Bullet Points, and Whitespace, and Photos for Easy Reading

When you write, you want to write for readers and scanners.  Some visitors will read every word on the page, others will scan for what’s important to them.

Write for both of these readers.  How?

By using subheadings, bullet points, whitespace, and photos.

Notice how this blog post is broken up with subheadings?  You want to do the same thing with your content.  This is pretty easy if you create a basic outline of what you want to write before you start writing.

Next, notice that I break up my content as much as possible.  I try to avoid big blocks of content and I make sure that there’s a lot of “whitespace.”

Photos are another way to break up your content and get your reader consuming what you’ve written.  And they can do a great job of getting your reader to check out your affiliate products, too.

Nothing is worse than landing on a page and seeing a WALL of CONTENT.  I’ve clicked away from those pages faster than I clicked to them.

Why?  Because seeing that kind of blog post is repellent to me and many other readers.

Scanning is natural, it’s easy, and you want your reader sticking around, which is what they’ll do if you break up your content the right way.

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Create Irresistible Calls-to-Action

A list of tips on how to write a good blog post (that CONVERTS)  would be useless if I didn’t include this tip: create crystal-clear, irresistible calls-to-action.

Your call-to-action (CTA) needs to be strategically placed throughout your blog post so that the reader has multiple opportunities to act.

You want to call out what you are promoting as well as include in-text links – both should be compelling and descriptive.

A creative way to promote your CTA is with images, which leads me to my next and final tip…

Create Pinnable Images

What’s a “pinnable” image?  One that practically begs a reader to pin it to Pinterest. **By the way, you could pin the image at the top of this post…wink, wink.**

Pinterest is becoming a popular place for users to search for content, which is why you want to develop a Pinterest strategy for your blog.

Part of that is creating beautiful, shareable, images.

I do it with PicMonkey.

Here’s what to remember when creating your blog post images:

  • Make them taller than they are wide – I typically make mine about 800 pixels wide by 1200 pixels tall.
  • Consider creating a “brand” across all of your images.
  • Add the title of your blog post or a related, catchy description on the image.
  • You can get inspiration from other pins!

>>>This is the Pinterest strategy I’m testing out.<<<

So now that you’ve read my tips on how to write a good blog post, I want you to take action.  And if you think you might need a little more help, this how-to will share even more ways to create blog posts that convert.

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6 thoughts on “5 Simple Tips on How to Write a Good Blog Post

  • October 27, 2016 at 2:58 PM

    Great tips. These are also great just to have a great blog post on your site. When I first started blogging I made sure to look at popular bloggers and see how they wrote a blog post. Formatting is important to get people to actually read your post so it’s nice you mentioned this!

    • October 28, 2016 at 10:16 AM

      Thanks, Elna! You mention a great point – you can learn SO much by looking at other successful bloggers. I remember when I first started, a mentor told me that he used a Tony Robbins tip: to look for someone doing what you want to be doing and do the same thing. Certainly not copying, but mimicking what they do with your own unique spin.

      And yes, getting the format right – I believe – keeps visitors on your site longer. 🙂

  • November 30, 2016 at 7:21 AM

    I took notes on every single point, Julie! I think I am a poor writer, but I know that within one year (2017) my blog will shine thanks to your guidance! Your tips rock!

    • November 30, 2016 at 12:25 PM

      I’ve seen your blog and I think you write very well! Glad these tips help and thanks for stopping by! <3

  • June 21, 2017 at 5:50 PM

    You are awesome! This has been some of the best advice since I have be trying to start my blog and I have done A LOT of research. So glad I came across you on Pinterest. Thanks so much

    • June 28, 2017 at 1:12 PM

      Glad it helps! 🙂


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