She Took ONE Blog Post from Making $146.29 a Month to Earning $604.47 a Month!

Niche Post Conversion Strategies Review

When PotPieGirl announced that she was going to be releasing a new strategy guide, I just knew I was going to want it. She didn’t release many details, at first, but something deep down told me this was gonna be goooood

Niche Post Conversion Strategies - Got the Big NewsAs more details were released, I was all but drooling at the opportunity to get my hands on this.

I even messaged her (she’ll tell you it’s true! LOL), asking her to puh-lease let me know when this launched so that I could be an affiliate (you know someone is good when affiliates/JVs are emailing them practically begging to sell their stuff!) #noshame

**And yes, the links in this post include my affiliate links, so know that if you do purchase through my link, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you.**

Heads up!
PotPieGirl is celebrating her birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) and she’s offering a coupon code for this product until FRIDAY, 2/16/18. So when you purchase, enter coupon code PPGBIRTHDAY at checkout.

What was it about this particular product that had me so hooked?

The title says it all:

Niche Post Conversion Strategies

Think about that for a minute. Niche Post. Conversion. Strategies.

Creating a targeted niche post? A focus on CONVERSION? Strategies that – since I have her Pinterest guide – I know are actionable and likely to work?

Sign me up. Literally! 🙂

And while I’m not making a final recommendation just yet, you can follow along with me! Let’s get our blog posts earning more income for us!

Here’s the thing: it’s not always about more traffic, more pageviews, more content. Sometimes, you can tweak what you’ve already created to convert better and earn more. You’re not spending more time creating from scratch, you’re leveraging the content you’ve already created to work smarter (<— that’s a tip right there!)

You’re not spending more time creating from scratch, you’re leveraging the content you’ve already created to work smarter (<— that’s a tip right there!)

It’s All About the Sales Page

I don’t go for hyped up, spammy sales pages that promise big money with little to no work. But what I do go for is REAL results from REAL people like Jennifer who TEST what they teach. And it helps to have a hook like this:

Niche Post Conversion Strategies - One Post

Jennifer begins by sharing a little bit about Amazon’s big changes to its commission structure. When that happened, a lot of affiliates lost a lot of money and were forced to either accept it all and move on or start thinking outside-the-box and make some changes.

Guess which choice Jen made? 🙂

And what’s more, on this sales page, she shares the three things she did to figure out how each and every post could convert better and earn more money.

Her before-and-after stats blew me away. You can do that with ONE post?!? That’s a game changer for Amazon affiliates! Not to mention inspiring for those of you wondering if you can really make a full-time income selling Amazon products (spoiler alert: you CAN.)

And if the potential of increasing sales and income weren’t motivating enough, Jen talks blog traffic and keywords in this guide, too!

In Case You Couldn’t Tell, I Bought It

I bought it even before I finished the sales page. I bought it when she announced it because I was SO ready. Then I announced it on my Facebook page and to my list (are you on it?)

I’m all about increasing conversions (a.k.a. getting more sales) and making more money. 

Especially when you can do it by improving what you already have.

It’s a perk that I get to implement AND review it for you.

The buying process was easy enough: click the buy button, enter your delivery and payment information, and you can access your download immediately. No upsells, nothing else to buy.

However, Jennifer puts out some pretty cool products that I recommend checking out after your purchase! ESPECIALLY her Ultimate Blog Post guide, which is referenced in Niche Post Conversion Strategies.

Niche Post Conversion Strategies - Payment Went Through

What’s Included in Niche Post Conversion Strategies?

Once you order, you’ll get a 68-page PDF guide full of meaty content (I’ve scanned it and it’s REALLY good.)

Images are included to help those of us who learn better visually (who doesn’t?!?) and prefer the “do this, then do this, now do THIS” kind of help.

Time to Get to Work

My plan is to take one of my sites and put these strategies to work immediately. It only has 5 posts right now and I’d like to grow it to 100 or so by the end of the year – hopefully, I can do more than that, but I’m being conservative (and optimistic!)

I’m pretty enthusiastic about this little project of mine and I’ll be talking about it in my newsletter and my Facebook page.

I’m also considering putting together a challenge group for Niche Post Conversion Strategies for those of us who want to implement together.

The good thing is, Jen’s pretty clear on what we can expect to learn:

Niche Post Conversion Strategies - What You Will Learn

Let’s see if this guide delivers…together! 🙂

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  • June 3, 2017 at 4:24 PM

    Thank you for creating this post. I keep thinking that my pages need to be fancy and over created. This article shows me that it’s simplicity and quality that make sales.

    • June 5, 2017 at 2:46 PM

      Quality all the way!

  • June 21, 2017 at 2:15 AM

    Wow, I was here thinking that I needed to be a pro to make money blogging and after all it’s not has hard as I was thinking! Thank you so much 🙂


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