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What is the best keyword research tool for SEO?Just what is the best keyword research tool for SEO?

Are you using keywords to draw in boat loads of targeted, buyer traffic? If not, you could be missing out on a lot of money. By targeting the right keywords, you’ll not only see more traffic overall, you’ll get highly-targeted visitors who are eager to devour your content.

Keyword-focusing your content is an essential element of SEO (search engine optimization.) We’re not trying to manipulate visitors or search engine results pages(SERPs), we’re trying to learn about what our target audience really wants so that we can give it to them.

Using keywords the right way is a way we can be of service and show up for our reader. And when you use the right keywords in your content, you’re more likely to be found by people actively looking for what you offer.

What is the best keyword research tool? Here are my top picks!

  • Jaaxy#1, love it, easy to use, user-friendly, LOVE IT
  • Autosuggest – free and gives fairly decent data
  • Ubersuggest – also free but mostly good for getting ideas to plug into Jaaxy
  • Google Keyword Planner – free but used to be better; really only good for ideas; no data for analysis

Before I get into the strategy of it all, let’s cover the basics.

What is a Keyword?

A keyword is the word or phrase a user types into Google or another search engine. “Keyword” simply refers to what someone is looking for online.

As you can imagine, there are millions of keywords being used every day. So how can you possibly know which ones to include in your content?

You can try guessing. After all, you’re probably writing on a subject you know a lot about, one that’s near and dear to your heart. And if you know a lot, you’ll probably have a good idea about what your target audience wants. But you’re still just guessing.

You can go straight to the source. Resources like Google and Pinterest spit back possible keywords when you use their sites to search. These are keywords people are using!

What is the best keyword research tool for SEO | Use Google to search

What is the best keyword research tool for SEO | Look at related search results

What is the best keyword research tool for SEO | Use Pinterest to search for ideas

What is the best keyword research tool for SEO | Use Pinterest guides for ideas
Or, you can use keyword tools. Keyword tools make your job a heck of a lot easier. Basically, they take the guesswork out of keyword research for SEO.

Why are Keywords Important for Blogging?

Keywords are important for several reasons. First of all, there’s traffic. If you choose the wrong keywords to target, you’re probably not going to get nearly as much traffic as you’d like. And without high-quality traffic, you’re not going to make much money from blogging.

Another reason why keywords are so vital is the fact that you need targeted traffic. Ten thousand visitors coming to your domain via the keyword “books” is probably going to be worthless compared to 500 visitors who come via the keyword phrase, “Harry Potter books,” if that’s what you’re selling.

Someone who is searching for “kitchen decor” is probably just browsing. They may not even be interested in buying anything – they could be interested in DIY kitchen decor projects, kitchen furniture, kitchen appliances, and more.

But someone who is searching for “pink countertop kitchen appliances” is probably ready to buy something right then and there. So it’s not enough to just get a lot of traffic – you need a lot of traffic that’s willing to take the action you want them to take.

Whether you’re looking to sell eBooks, promote affiliate products, get clients, or just get sign-ups to your list, you want targeted visitors who are likely to be buyers now or in the future.

Keyword research is the next logical step after choosing your niche. But what is the best keyword research tool for SEO?

How to Research Keywords for SEO

What is the best keyword research tool for SEO? My top keyword tool for research is Jaaxy. It’s very user-friendly, so easy to use, and shoots back comprehensive data that makes SEO a no-brainer.

But here’s what I’d do no matter what tool I was using.

After choosing a keyword research tool, you’ll want to enter a base keyword for your niche. Let’s say you’re writing a post about golf. You might enter “golf” into the keyword tool of your choice. Then the keyword tool will show you a number of related keywords.

You might come up with “golf clubs,” “golf tips,” “golf swing,” “golf bags,” “golf carts,” and “golf courses.” This is a short list of more broad terms – you’ll want to dig deeper.

Maybe you’re writing an article about fitness and you think that you could share about the recumbent bike you use:

What is the best keyword research tool for SEO? Use Jaaxy!


I’m seeing lots of possibilities (and you don’t see it, but “recumbent exercise bike reviews” looks like a great keyword and would be something I tried out if I were using this strategy.)

You can try out this tool right now by searching for a keyword!

Still wondering, “What is the best keyword research tool for SEO?”

I hope not. I hope this has helped you a little bit and given you some resources to check out.

My research strategy here is a pretty high-level overview. Keyword research is an art and a skill that takes time to hone – no getting around that.

But like any other craft, it gets easier with practice and experience.

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