What Works NOW for Affiliate Marketers and Bloggers?

What Works NOW for Affiliate Marketers and Bloggers 2018One of the biggest challenges for blogging and affiliate marketing is how fast things change. New rules pop up. New ways of doing things get better results.

And we have to keep up with those changes.

Don’t get me wrong…

I’m all about getting your foundation right:

Choose the right niche.

Learn how to get started with blogging and affiliate marketing.

Build your audience with good content.

Build a supportive and eager list of readers.

Monetize your content and make sure it converts well.

But once you have that down, it’s time to level up. Get better.

One of the ways I’ve done that is by getting strategy guides that walk me through the process of tweaking my own strategy for better results.

✅ What Works NOW is one of those guides. And it’s written by this gal who took ONE blog post from making about $150 a month to making over $600 a month.

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My Experience with a Previous What Works NOW Release

I have What Works NOW 2.0 and 2017-18, which were PotPieGirl’s second and third versions of this strategy guide. I’ve implemented just about everything in it, both on this blog and on other sites. (By the way, What Works Now 1.0, 2.0, and now 3.0 are all stand-alone strategy guides, so you might want to consider grabbing this bundle that includes ALL versions past and present.)

This blog alone quickly pulled in an extra $250 when I promoted one special offer using the techniques I learned. An EXTRA $250 compared to a similar promotion when I didn’t use the techniques.

And I’ve recently launched a new niche site where I’m implementing these techniques on each and every post (I mix and match where appropriate) and 2 days after publishing my second post I made an affiliate sale.

That’s pretty dang cool.

I had two posts on this site – one post with keyword-focused, problem-solving content and one that was a gift guide promoting Amazon products my readers could really use. And I got a sale from the gift guide on this brand new site.

I wasn’t even keyword-focusing that page!

These techniques work and PotPieGirl has done the detective work for me. She’s done the testing and tweaking so I don’t have to.

All I have to do is grab my copy and get to work implementing.

Will you be joining me?

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