How to Write PLR Articles and Make Money

How to Write PLR Articles and Make Money - Six Figure PLR Academy
Write PLR Articles and Make Money

Why am I talking about how to write PLR articles and make money when this is a site about blogging? Because I want you to think about diversifying your income.

I want you to think about what kind of products you can create. I want you thinking about having multiple streams of income so that – heaven forbid! – if one stream were to dry up, you’re covered.

I want you thinking about having multiple streams of income so that – heaven forbid! – if one stream were to dry up, you’re covered by the other streams you have in place.

What is PLR Anyway?

PLR stands for “private label rights” and isn’t so much a kind of product as a license. When you purchase a product that has private label rights, it means you have to right to use that content as your own. 

Each provider usually has their own rules you have to follow,  but generally, you must rebrand the content and you cannot resell the content as PLR. Whenever you purchase PLR, as long as you read and follow the rules, you’re good.

And when YOU are the one providing prewritten content with private label rights, you can create a very lucrative source of income.

You can write articles, ebooks, newsletter content and autoresponders, blog posts, social media updates…and even graphics and videos can be sold with a PLR license.

The great news is that prewritten content is hot and very in-demand. If you are a provider who creates high-quality PLR, you can make some serious money.

What Do I Need to Know About Selling PLR?

Well, here’s the thing: there is a LOT of crap PLR out there. Take a look on Fiverr and you’ll see gigs promoting 1,000s of PLR articles for $5. It’s junk. The writing is bad and spun and such poor quality, that you might as well set that $5 on fire – at least doing that would provide warmth! 🙂

You’ll also find PLR sellers who have flashy launches and even look legit…but the quality isn’t there. It may even be masquerading as new when it’s not.

Then, there’s the duplicate content scare. People are afraid of PLR because they don’t want to be penalized for duplicate content. However, this is a myth.

First, one gets penalized for duplicate content on the same domain/site and second, high-quality content on multiple channels isn’t duplicate – it’s syndicated. You know how you’ll see the same story on several news sites? It’s like that.

Now here’s a secret: smart online business owners know that it’s not only OK to use prewritten content, it’s lucrative to do so.

PLR is cheap – about a buck a page – and high-quality PLR is scarce. So when someone finds a quality seller, they will buy and they’ll buy a lot.

So to make money selling prewritten content, you need to write well and connect with affiliates who will promote your content – ==> just like that, you’ll make money.

How EXACTLY Can I Make Money Selling PLR Content?

Alright, so you’re pretty sure you want to build a business branch selling prewritten content. Now what?

It’s a good idea to get educated.

When I learned about becoming a PLR creator and seller, I took this challenge. It was (and is) affordable and it was a step-by-step how-to taught by someone who is a very successful PLR provider.

Turns out, there’s a lot to this business. Sure, you need to be a good writer. Sure, you need to know how to research your topics. But do you know how to actually market and sell your product? Do you know how to network with other PLR providers and affiliates? Do you know what will actually SELL?

I know I didn’t.

So when I heard about this opportunity that will help you create your prewritten content, launch it, and make $2,000 to $5,000 in just 21 days, I knew it was a can’t-miss opportunity.

It’s more than a how-to, it’s hand-holding, a proven system you can use again and again, a year of personal support AND you will get something you wouldn’t get on your own: an expert who will launch your PLR package to her hungry, pre-sold audience.  <== That right there is PRICELESS because doing it yourself – while doable – is hard.

Yeah, But is There Actually MONEY to Be Made?

Yep. And this niche is just waiting for good writers (notice I didn’t say GREAT – if you write good, compelling content, you’ll do just fine and this will help you make good money right from the start.)

Take a look at what’s selling right now:

Write PLR Articles and Make Money - what kind of PLR is selling now

Make Money with Your Blog by Creating and Selling Pre-Written Content

A blog can be a tool that helps you earn income or it can be a business all on its own. But it doesn’t have to stop there.

  • You want to build a business that has multiple income streams.
  • You start with a blog and add in passive income like ads, sponsorships, and affiliate income.
  • Then, you could add a service which could earn you an income faster than any passive strategy.
  • Then, you create digital products – like PLR packages and eBooks – that you can sell as an additional way of being of service to your readers.

Do you see how powerful and lucrative your business can be? Now you’re not just an income blogger, you’re an online business owner.

And this kind of business can give you that freedom-based lifestyle you want. You can be home with the kids. You can ditch the 9-to-5 you hate. You can earn enough money to comfortably buy a home or pay for vacations.

That’s the goal, right?

Circling back to pre-written content, that’s just an easy solution you can provide and providing a solution is one of the most powerful ways to make money with your blog. People need content and lots of it. By providing your readers with this option, you’re doing a major service.

Those who are familiar with PLR don’t need to be educated on how to use it.

And for those people who are not familiar with it…educate them! Teach them how to use the content you sell. Trust me, they need to know. They’re so hungry for content – they just need a little help making that content work for them.

So you show them in a screen capture video how to take a piece of PLR and use it as a springboard to create a unique piece of content like I do here. It’s a good idea to educate your buyers on how to use their PLR as a way of overdelivering – they’ll LOVE you for it!

Now you have doubled your potential buyers. And there will always be a need for high-quality, pre-written content.

But How Do I Build a PLR Business From Scratch?

Once you know what you need to create and how to create it, you’ll then put your product up for sale and market it.

You can start with nothing – no hosting, no site, no brand, no reputation – and still, if you take the right steps, you will bring in an income as a PLR provider.

==> This is what you’re going to do:

  1. Learn the overall strategy for building a PLR business from scratch
  2. Figure out exactly what kind of content – text, video, audio, or graphics – that you’re going to sell
  3. Create your products
  4. Package up your products and set up digital delivery
  5. Create your sales page
  6. Start selling your product!
  7. Market your product to people who are hungry and ready to buy
  8. Level up your income with product LAUNCHES!

That’s it.

It’s not hard, but it does take action. And luckily, you can get help and hand-holding and get your business successful from the launch of your very first PLR package.

4 thoughts on “How to Write PLR Articles and Make Money

  • September 5, 2017 at 2:46 PM

    I love this content!!! I have a ton of blogs, dozens of eBooks and need another income stream. This is great information. I will definitely spread the word. Thanks for this informative article.


    • September 5, 2017 at 3:49 PM

      Hey, Rey! I’m glad it helped you out! High-quality PLR is very in-demand and if you’re a good writer, this could be a great fit. Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

      ~ Julie

  • August 31, 2018 at 2:28 PM

    The link seems to be dead for this course. Is it no longer available, or just reposted somewhere?

    • September 2, 2018 at 10:59 PM

      Hey, Kathy!

      Thanks for pointing this out. Turns out, the seller took this down, which means I need to regroup and refocus this post. I’m either going to work on creating my own guide/course on how to write and sell PLR, or I will find another resource to share with you guys. I’m sorry for the confusion! I do have a question sent to the seller of this course and I’m hoping for a referral for a similar resource. Would you like me to email you when I have more info on this?

      ~ Julie


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