May 8, 2024

SRK’s Interesting Answer to Question About His Income

Shah Rukh Khan’s interesting answer to his fans about his income and name
Indian Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is currently in the limelight on social media due to his film Pathan releasing on 25th January.

Sometimes because of the trending of the teaser of the film and sometimes because of the outfit of the actress Deepika Padukone who appeared with him in the song ‘Be Sharm Rang’.

This is happening after almost four years when a Shah Rukh Khan film is releasing in cinema halls. In such a situation, Shah Rukh is not letting any opportunity to address his fans.

Shah Rukh answered some questions from his fans on Twitter. Before answering, he had said to expect funny answers from him.

Apart from his answers to questions about his income and family name, we also tell you what Shah Rukh had to say about being a Pathan and when he first worked hard. Earning was tasted.

Shah Rukh Khan took to Twitter with the hashtag #AskSRK and told people that he would talk to him via Twitter.

When Shah Rukh was asked about South Indian superstar Rajinikanth, he said ‘Bossman’.

A Twitter user jokingly said to Shah Rukh Khan, “Sir, to get an answer from you, get married twice, two wives are pregnant, now answer me.”

Shah Rukh wrote in the reply, ‘Now only sons and wives will answer you.’

A man named Darshan Shah asked Shah Rukh Khan to pray for the health of cricketer Rishabh Pant. In response, Shah Rukh said, “God willing, Rishabh Pant will recover very soon, he is a warrior.”

One user wrote, “Pathan movie is already looking like a complete failure.”

On this, Shah Rukh said, “Sons don’t talk to adults like that.”

Aman Ahmed asked Shah Rukh Khan, ‘How much do you earn in a day?’

Shah Rukh replied, “I earn countless love.” daily.’

Priyanshu Gupta said ‘Hrithik is showing off his body these days. Hitting you. What will you say?’

To this he replied ‘Hrithik himself inspires me.’

Sahil asked ‘Sir, love happens once, marriage happens once, but why do exams happen again and again?’

In response, Shah Rukh said, “The things that are not fun are the things that happen again and again.” This is life bro.

A user named Irfan asked, ‘When will Salman Khan’s entry be in the film Pathan?’

Shah Rukh replied, “Pathan is an interactive film.” Wherever you need a brother in the movie, scan the QR code on the back of the ticket, he will come in the movie.

In such a situation, a user wrote, “Khan Sahib, your family is Kashmiri, isn’t it?

Shah Rukh replied, “The whole world is my family.” A family name is not a name. It is done by work. Please don’t get into small talk.
Where is Shah Rukh’s family from?
Khan was born on2dn November , 1965 to Taj Muhammad Khan and Latif Fatima. But for the first five years, his maternal grandmother brought him up first in Mangalore and then in Bangalore.

Shah Rukh’s mother belonged to Hyderabad, father to Peshawar and grandmother to Kashmir. Shahrukh also visited Peshawar during 1978-79.
His cousin Noor Jahan, who lives in Pakistan, said that Shah Rukh was very happy to come to Pakistan as it was the first time he was meeting his father’s family. His mother’s relatives live in India.
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Many years ago, on the occasion of a cricket match between India and Pakistan, Shahrukh Khan said, ‘My father was from Peshawar. I am also Pathan. I don’t think so because I feel sick. But I am also a Pathan. I am a little short. I’m not doing this to create a new controversy, but when you guys (Pakistani cricketers) win, it’s like my father’s side won and when India wins, it’s like let’s mother’s side win. Gone.’

Shah Rukh was 15 when his father died of cancer. Shahrukh’s father was a lawyer who also participated in the freedom struggle. At the age of 14–15, he went to jail during the freedom movement.

Later he also stood in the elections against Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, but lost. They tried to do business several times, but failed.
Shah Rukh Khan’s first earnings

Shah Rukh Khan has had a close association with the National School of Drama of India.

His father ran the canteen at the National School of Drama till 1974. In those days, Shahrukh used to go there with his father. There he saw actors like Rohini Hittingari, Surekha Sikri, Raghuveer Yadav, Raj Babbar. He used to spend time with drama teacher and director of the National School of Drama, Ibrahim Al-Qazi, considered the guru of theatre. Meanwhile, he also got to see many interesting plays like ‘Seventh Horse of the Sun’. Thus his attachment to the world of acting was born.

Growing up in Delhi, Shah Rukh Khan studied at St. Columbus School. During this time, he was also very interested in sports. Later he studied BA in Economics from Hans Raj College and enrolled in Jamia Millia Islamia College to study Mass Communication.

Shah Rukh Khan entered the world of acting through serials like Barry John’s drama, Dil Dariya and Fuji. After that, the fame and status he gained through Indian films is known to the world. Shah Rukh Khan earned money for the first time in a concert of ghazal singer Pankaj Udus. At that time he had received Rs.50.

According to Forbes magazine, Shah Rukh Khan earned around 124 crore rupees in 2019.

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