May 8, 2024

Controversy Surrounds Ronaldo’s Living Arrangements in Saudi Arabia

Reports of cohabitation with partner Georgina raise questions about Saudi law and potential exemptions for foreigners

Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent transfer to Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nasr club has sparked controversy surrounding his living arrangements in the country with his partner Georgina. Under Saudi law, cohabitation between an unmarried couple is a punishable offense, but there is a possibility of exemption for foreigners.

This has led to speculation about the couple’s relationship, with some claiming they are having sex. Some analysts believe the move is a part of the Crown Prince’s Vision 2030 to improve the country’s image, while others see it as a form of ‘sportswashing’. It remains unclear how Saudi authorities will handle the situation with Ronaldo and Georgina’s living arrangements, but the government has relaxed laws for foreigners in the past.

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